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Buy a professionally refurbished iPhone 6 Plus today! 

Apple iPhone 6S Plus Features:

  • 5.5 inch full HD 1920 x 1080 display with dual domain pixels which offer for an excellent visual experience that is clear and bright. 

  • Reachability for easy and fast access to apps 

  • A sleek and durable design with premium metal bodywork made of aluminium with an aluminium frame, and a gorilla glass front which feels comfortable in the hand. It also comes in a range of silver, gold and space grey.  

  • 8MP rear camera and 1.2MP selfie camera that pack a photography and video  punch that is enough to capture brilliant images. It also boasts dual-LED, and dual tone flash with HDR. This is as well as face detention and endless photo editing tools, and improved low light features.  

  • A8 Chip which supports fast performance which is ideal for gaming, streaming and switching between apps with intense use. The iPhone 6 Plus also supports iOS 12. 

  • 2915mAh strong battery size with useful battery saving modes and tools to ensure that your battery lasts the day with you and can keep up with heavy use. 

Is the iPhone 6 Plus worth buying? 

Along with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, the iPhone 6 Plus has been one of Apple's best selling phones, and since larger screened phones are now back in style, the iPhone 6 Plus is 100% still worth buying, and it hits all the bases for someone who is looking for an outstanding all rounder phone. 

If you like gaming then you are going to like the large display of the 6 Plus. It offers wide, bright and vivid colours that will make any game look fantastic and bring your most loved games to life. Furthermore, the A8 processor is strong enough to handle a good amount of intense gaming without lagging and slowing down. 

The addition of the health app also makes this phone brilliant if you are into fitness and you don’t want to invest in a smart watch. The health app tracks your steps and heartbeat, as well as other activity and your workouts, which is ideal in helping you to live a more healthy lifestyle. 

Seeing as the iPhone 6 Plus performs well all round, it is the perfect present for a family member who may want a first phone, but who does not need an expensive and more recent model, especially if it may be subject to wear and tear. 

Due to its lower price, especially if purchased second hand, the 6 Plus also acts as a great second phone. If you work from home or on the go a lot, and don’t like using your phone for work and personal use, the large screen of the 6 Plus is easy to view documents on and has iOS 12, so is a great option for a work device. 

Are reconditioned iPhones good? 

Second hand and refurbished iPhones are nothing to be wary of. Whilst buying brand new may seem like the only option, used iPhones come in a range of grades such as pristine and very good, which will mostly feel like a new phone anyway. Furthermore, if Apple constantly hiking up their prices scares you then opting for a renewed Apple iPhone will also save you hundreds of pounds. A restored iPhone will also have been evaluated by an expert so you can be assured that you are getting the quality that you pay for, and with different conditions available you can filter the product to find a price that works for you - plus, buying a refurbished iPhone is also a more environmentally friendly option! 

How much is a second hand Apple iPhone 6 Plus? 

The main advantage of opting for a used iPhone is the lower price point, and here at The Big Phone Store we offer the lowest prices out there. 

Buy a refurbished 6 Plus in space grey, silver or gold from us today and get a 12 Month Warranty and Fast and Free Delivery on orders over £30. Looking for a case to complement your new phone? Or want to treat yourself to a pair of AirPods or new headphones as well? We also stock an immense range of accessories and cases that will be a great addition to your new phone purchase. 

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