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Buy a Refurbished Google Pixel 4 for the best price now!

Google Pixel 4 features?

  • The Pixel 4 is a phone with a striking design. It has strong gorilla glass 5 on the front and rear, and a smooth aluminium frame with a rubber band that wraps around its edge and makes it comfortable to hold and less likely to fall out your hand. The block colour features in black, clearly white and orange make a statement, and this is definitely a phone for those wanting to stand out.

  • A 5.7 inch full HD+ smooth display which makes whatever you are viewing look bright and sharp. With a capacitive touchscreen with P-OLED technology, the display is reactive and seamless to use.

  • A 2800mAh strength battery which lasts all day with wireless and fast charging available so you can get back on the go quickly when you do run out of battery,

  • Fast operating system without lags with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and 6GB of RAM. This provides powerful performance which is seamless and effective. Apps load easily and you can switch quickly between whatever you are doing - which is perfect if you use your phone for work.

  • Great camera capabilities with a dual camera of 12MP and 16MP telephoto lens and a front camera with 8MP . The two rear cameras enable great zoom, fantastic shots even in low light and portraits in amazing quality. The dual exposure feature allows brightness control of backgrounds and shadows, which offers versatility and enhancements for photos. Night mode also snaps stunning low light photos.

  • Stereo style speakers that have great sound quality which travels far. Teamed with the display this achieves an immersive viewing experience which is ideal for gaming and watching content.

  • Titan M Security so your phone is protected from outside use.

  • IP68 water and dust resistant, so it can last in 1.5 metres of water for 30 minutes.

  • Face recognition and unlocking, so your phone will only unlock when it registers your face, which can give you peace of mind from others using your phone and ensure nobody else can access it.

  • Google Assistant means you always have an assistant with you to answer questions, Google requests and make reminders and texts.

Is the Google Pixel 4 a good phone?

The Pixel 4 is a great phone that his all the bases. With it's amazing camera being the main selling point, this phone will bring out your inner photographer, and help you to take the best photos yet that will stand out against the rest.

If you are an avid gamer- the 5.7 inch size and rubber band design make the Pixel 4 very comfortable on the eyes and hands for gaming for a long time. The Snapdragon 855 also offers fast performance, so you will experience less lagging throughout long periods of gaming, and switching between games and other apps should be seamless and easy. The P-OLED display also makes games appear vivid and very realistic, and teamed with the stereo speaker you get submerged in whatever you are playing.

For general content lovers - Youtube, Instagram, Netflix, and general scrolling, the 90Hz makes long hours of scrolling smooth and easy.

If you tend to work from your phone, or store private information on there, face recognition and Titan M security systems make it hard for others to view your phone. If you need easy viewing, the Pixel 4 has motion sense which enables for gestures to perform tasks without you even needing to touch the screen, so if you are busy with work you don't even need to touch your phone.

Is it safe to buy refurbished?

Buying a refurbished phone is safe - especially from a reputable company that provides warranty, and if you opt for a condition that is nearly new, pristine or similar, you will feel like you have received a brand new phone anyway! Refurbished phones are also a lot cheaper - and you will most likely see a high price difference - which is a great bonus! It's also a lot more friendly for the environment if you decide to choose a second hand and reconditioned phone, especially if you are prone to changing phones frequently but want to avoid the amount of phones ending up in landfill.

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