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ᐅ Buy Refurbished/Renewed Google Pixel 3 XL

Get a premium quality refurbished Pixel 3 XL!

Google Pixel 3 XL features?

  • In the XL size, the display of the Google Pixel 3 XL is top tier. In a 6.3 inch size, it has a rich, sharp and colourful display that makes whatever you are viewing stand out on the screen. The screen has P-OLED technology, with QHD+ resolution, and HDR support, and with a 83% screen to body ratio, this display feels nearly infinity-like.

  • With a two tone design with shiny glass at the top blended into matte glass on the lower, and a smooth gorilla glass front, combined together with an aluminium frame, the Google 3 XL looks unique and premium. The slightly curved edges make it fit perfectly in the hand, even in the larger size. It is also durable with Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and rear, so you have more protection from drops and smashes.

  • This phone has outstanding camera capabilities with the Google Visual Core chip making every photo captured look fantastic. It has a 12.2MP rear camera with dual LED flash and auto HDR, as well as a dual lens 8MP selfie camera. This as well as 4K video recording and multiple photo enhancing modes and features.

  • Snapdragon 845 and 4GB of RAM gives this phone an efficient performance without lagging, which is ideal if you use your phone intensely every day and want it to keep up with you - and is ideal for gaming.

  • A 3430mAh battery with 18W fast charging and QI wireless charging. The battery is strong and lasts all day with you, and the fast charging means it is easy for you to power back up when it eventually dies.

  • Stereo speakers give loud sound quality that goes far, and teamed with the display this gives a viewing experience that is completely immersive.

  • Google Assistant is accessible by the simple squeeze of your phone. This is spot on for if you have a busy lifestyle - set reminders, make calls and texts, and ask questions and make commands simply by squeezing your phone and activating Google Assistant.

What can you do with the Google Pixel 3 XL?

This Pixel is great for snapping the best photos. The dual lens 8MP front camera is good for fitting more into the background of your selfies, whether it be a great view or more friends. The 12.2MP rear camera gives sharp and bright photos, and the Top Shot feature lets you take motion photos so you have more range to choose from within your images. Super res zoom also allows you to take photos in clear quality, and Night Sight gives great low light photo capabilities so you can get the best photos even in low settings.

For gaming, the larger XL display helps to make your games stand out and appear bright and lifelike. Snapdragon 845 gives a speedy performance, and the stereo speaker helps games come to live, so much so that you may struggle to keep your eyes away.

It also has some very unique features that male it different to a phone from any other brand. Call screening enables Google Assistant to pick up calls and ask the caller why they are calling before you answer the phone. This works well if you have a busy schedule and don't want to waste time picking up calls that you don't need to answer, and is great if you work from home.

Is the Pixel 3 XL worth it?

This is a fantastic all rounder phone with a fantastic display and camera, and it is definitely worth the money if you are looking for something new that has a unique design and does everything you need it to.

Are refurbished Google phones good?

Refurbished Google phones are fantastic, especially if you want to save some money but still enjoy the benefits of Google's great technology. There are great advantages to opting for a Google Pixel 3 XL refurbished compared to new, and the main is the saving in cost. Whilst Google aren't the most expensive, their prices are still quite high, and most of us cannot afford to pay these costs regularly. When opting for a reconditioned and refurbished Google Pixel, you have more flexibility with price, and can filter the product based on the condition and price you are more comfortable paying. Most used phones from a reputable company come with a 12 month warranty and will feel like new anyway. It is also a much more environmentally friendly option to buy a refurb pixel 3 XL that may have ended up in landfill, especially since it is the trend to change your phone more frequently.

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