Refurbished Pixel 2

Refurbished Pixel 2

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Didn't know Google make phones?

Whilst many people aren't aware, Google are now well established in the smartphone world, and their technology has fast become popular in the smart phone industry. Google are now up there with the likes of Huawei, Apple and Samsung, and their phones are fantastic quality all around. With android software, outstanding camera quality, premium looking designs that are built to last, great displays and speaker quality, and countless extras that come with opting for Google, they are a great option for a mobile phone, and if you are trying to find your next new device then look no further.

Is the Google Pixel 2 a good phone?

The Google Pixel phones have been called some of the best android phones around, and they have been praised for their camera and display quality. Following on from the flagship Pixel, the second generation Pixel 2 offers a step up from the already brilliant technology that Google are providing. The Pixel 2 is an outstanding phone that has been ahead of its rivals. It has a stunning camera, Google Assist, high quality display, android technology, stereo speakers, long battery life and fast charging, fingerprint scanning and more, and it is fair to say that the Google Pixel is better than good - it is brilliant.

What are the features of a Google Pixel 2?

  • The Google Pixel 2 will stand out against the rest with its unique design, which features Gorilla Glass 5 on the front which offers a gleaming display, and an aluminium frame, which enable the phone to feel light and comfortable in the hand. It also comes in blue, white and black, and it's size and weight make it the ideal phone for every day use.

  • 5 inch screen size that is full HD with a 1080p screen, which offers vibrant colours that appear bright and in high quality. With the 'always on display' feature, you can awake your screen with one tap to display the date, time and any notifications.

  • Fingerprint scanner for maximum security, so you can unlock your phone with the touch of a button.

  • IP67 waterproof and dust proof, this phone has durability, and can withstand the inevitable accidents and drops that happen in every day life.

  • The best feature of the Google Pixel is the 12.2MP rear camera which takes outstanding true to life photos, as well as a 8MP front camera for jaw dropping selfies. These cameras provide amazing low light photos, and has background blurring portrait mode as well as dual LED flash, panorama and HDR. You can also take great videos with video and image stabilization.

  • The stereo style speakers give off wide and loud sound, which work in sync with the display for an immersive watching experience that you wont want to take your eyes away from.

  • The Google Pixel 2 lasts all day with a 2700mAh battery. It also has power saving modes and management that you can customize to suit you, as well as a fast charging feature, so you can spend less time waiting for your phone to charge, and let the Android Oreo battery saving options do the work for you.

  • Google Assistant on the Google Pixel gives you the ability to give commands and ask questions just by squeezing your phone.

Great things you can do with the Google Pixel 2...

Feel like a photographer wherever you are with the 12.2MP camera. Your Instagram will stand out on your feed, with breathtaking photos and selfies captured in the highest quality. Google Portrait mode makes selfies look professional, as well as the re touching beauty mode which enhances photos even more. If you are always on the go, motion photos helps you take moving pictures, as well as smartburst which captures multiple photos so you can choose your favorite.

If you have a thirst for knowledge, Google Lens enables you to point your camera at an object, and Google will identify the object and provide information. It will even inform you on buildings and landmarks - which is perfect if you travel and want to know more information about something. If you use your phone for work, you can hover your phone over text and Google will translate it for you quickly and easily.

Why you should opt for a Google Pixel 2 refurbished rather than brand new...

There are multiple benefits to shopping for refurbished devices rather than buying brand new - and once you make the transition over to reconditioned products you will never look back! You can see savings of hundreds of pounds by shopping refurbished products that have been renewed by professionals, and you can filter prices to find a price that suits you based on the grades of the phones. So, if you want to enjoy the amazing technology of the Pixel 2 but you don't want the brand new cost tag, then second hand is the way forward. It is also a lot more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to shop - which is a winner in our eyes.

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