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Big Button Phones

Buy the best mobile phone for the elderly today!

Connection is more important than ever. And at The Big Phone Store, we stock a wide range of big button phones designed to help elderly users or those with visual / hearing problems. Whether you're looking for an affordable big button phone, one with great reviews or both, we've got you covered in our online store!

The Big Phone Store has been an industry leader since 1999. Our team has decades of combined experience and knows everything there is to know about this growing area of mobile phone development. With our helpful, knowledgeable and friendly service, we're here to provide advice and guidance when it comes to buying phones with big buttons - as well as give you recommendations of the types of handsets to purchase and explain how they work.

If you need to buy a phone with big buttons, choose The Big Phone Store today. You won't find better prices anywhere else or more comprehensive warranty for refurbished devices. So buy your handset now and save money!

Who uses big button phones?

Phones with large buttons are specifically designed to be used by the elderly or those with hearing and sight problems. These handsets are built to be both functional and uncomplicated. They tend to avoid touch screens and small text on their displays - they're also equipped with larger buttons that allow for less errors and ease of use.

These types of phones are ideal for the elderly. They're often equipped with speed dial functions, louder ring volume and have larger audio ranges than more generic mobile phones.

What is a big button phone?

Above, you'll see the range of phones we stock. Immediately, you'll notice their unfussy design and simple operating functions.

Obviously a phone with big buttons will have just that! But they also come with additional functions that ensure a user can text, use the internet and call people with ease. You won't see these features by looking at images of our stock, but big button phones are also equipped with handy speed dial functions, extra loud settings for those that are hard of hearing and cordless capabilities for those with mobility issues.

Why are big button phones so important?

Perhaps more than ever, communication is fundamental to a happy, healthy life. Mobile phones have made our world feel much smaller. But let's face it - most handsets are not designed with the elderly or those with visual / hearing problems in mind. We've placed such a premium on devices being lightweight, sleek and stylish, that we've made it difficult for a significant section of the population to access and use mobile phones.

Phones with large buttons are built to bring this part of the population back into the conversation. They allow elderly people (who often feel isolated) to easily communicate with family and friends - either by text, email or voice call. More importantly, they're designed to keep everyone connected and feel like they're part of a community.

What are the features of a big button phone?

It's easy to think that big button phones are just a handset with large buttons! But like the rest of the mobile phone industry, these devices have developed quickly and now come complete with a range of great features that make using them super easy.

For example, a phone with large buttons will often come with a desktop charging cradle that means a user can charge their handset both quickly and with minimal fuss. These charging cradles are exactly like the base of a cordless telephone, which is especially helpful for elderly users with limited mobility. It allows them to charge a device without having to plug it in or fiddle with cables and charging ports.

Another unique feature of phones with large buttons is SOS (or speed dialing) buttons. These are especially useful for elderly people who live alone, as they can instantly access numbers on their emergency list without having to find the contact manually. Alongside SOS buttons, look out for phones with dedicated SMS buttons. These are designed to send text messages to pre-selected contacts quickly, especially if there is the urgent requirement to do so.

But remember... a big button mobile phone isn't just designed for the elderly. They're also equipped to help those with significant hearing problems. Many handsets are designed to be compatible with hearing aids and rated on scales ('M' and 'T') depending on whether you want a phone with better microphone capabilities or one produced with maximum hearing aid performance in mind. Alongside this, these cordless phones are fitted with ringer volume and extra loud ringtones to help those who are hard of hearing when someone is either calling or texting them.

And these large button phones aren't just designed to aid with calling, texting and emergencies. Many now come complete with FM / DAB radios and have excellent screen resolutions. This makes them the perfect companion to entertain users, no matter how old!

How do big button phones help the elderly, visually impaired or those with hearing problems?

The most important aspect of these mobile phones is their simplicity. You'll immediately notice how straightforward they are - making them the perfect device for those who require nothing beyond the most basic of user functions.

But here are some of the specific features that may help the elderly, visually impaired or those who are hard of hearing:

Elderly users

  • Larger buttons that make it easy to call, text and email. These buttons also mean less mistakes, spelling errors or mis-dialing!

  • Charging cradle for easy charging at all times

  • Cordless functionality that means the phone can be taken anywhere around the home

  • SOS speed dial buttons and / or SMS emergency send buttons - perfect for those who live alone or need to contact someone urgently

Visually impaired

  • A big button cordless phone is easier to use and allows for better user experiences

  • Larger buttons reduce errors in texting and / or problems with mis-dialing

  • Extra loud ringtones help locate the phone if required

  • High resolution screens help with identifying callers and / or reading texts and emails

  • Built-in FM / DAB radio

Hard of hearing

  • Ringer volume functions that connect directly to hearing aids or other devices

  • Extra loud ringtones and / or message alerts that keep users informed at all times

  • Crystal clear audio to help keep people connected on calls with family, friends or work colleagues

  • Volume functions that connect to FM / DAB radio

Is a big button cordless phone more expensive?

It's a common misconception that a big button cordless phone is more expensive than generic devices. You can pick up basic models for anything between £5 and £30. And even the more sophisticated handsets won't set you back much more than £50.

But another way to bring down the price is to buy a refurbished big button cordless phone. At The Big Phone Store, we have a great range of refurbished handsets. All our refurbished phones have been fully tested, cleaned and had their data wiped (if required). They also come with 12 months warranty to give you complete peace of mind.

Which big button phones do you stock?

We have a fantastic variety of refurbished big button phones to choose from at The Big Phone Store. All our products come with 12 months warranty and there's free delivery on orders over £30.

Emporia Click

One of our bestsellers is the Emporia Click. Included in the bundle is 12 months warranty, a USB charging cable and a SIM removal tool.

The Emporia Click is the perfect phone for someone who needs a device with crystal clear audio, extra loud functions and cordless calling. It has a phone-book capable of up to 500 entries, up to 4 hours of talk time and the ability to send and receive photo messages. It's a great device for the elderly, as well as those with a significant visual impairment.

Huawei FC312E

The Huawei FC312E is another highly recommended big button phone. It comes equipped with an extra loud ringer, buttons designed for ease of use, an SOS key and a large display. Even better, the desktop charging cradle makes it the perfect handset for those with mobility problems.

But if you want to take your Huawei FC312E outside the house, that's just as easy. Simply use the charging cable for fast battery boosts and you've got the perfect large button phone on-the-go!

Emporia Talk

The Emporia Talk is simplicity at its finest! It's a straightforward, no nonsense handset that's perfect for those who just need to talk and text. Even better, it's competitively priced, making it the ideal phone for someone who doesn't want to spend too much money.

Why buy your big button cordless phone from us?

At The Big Phone Store, we want to make buying phones as easy as possible. But we also want to make sure a user is fully aware of the features and benefits of our devices. All our handsets come with complete peace of mind and 12 months warranty (3 months for phones in 'fair condition'). And because they're 'refurbished', you can be sure that every mobile phone we sell has been fully tested, cleaned and checked.

We know you want to shop with a trusted retailer and that's exactly what we are! But don't just take our word for it - look at hundreds of 'excellent' reviews on Trustpilot, or check our features on awarding-winning consumer websites like Money Saving Expert. Our 'excellent' rating is the result of a long-standing commitment to provide unrivalled service that's based on both expert knowledge and excellent customer care.

So shop for a big button phone at The Big Phone Store:

An effortless buying experience! Almost all our devices come with 12 months warranty. And if you want the phone the day after you order, choose 'express delivery' at the checkout!

Unrivalled service! No other retailer knows more about mobile phones than we do. So whether you want advice or just want to get on and buy a big button phone, we've got everything you need!

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