iPhone X Screen Protectors

iPhone X Screen Protectors

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iPhone X Screen Protector

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With its 3D Touch Screen display, A11 Bionic Chip and 12 Megapixel Wide-Angle Camera, the iPhone X is a superb handset. It also supports Qi wireless charging, has a lightweight feel and boasts super-fast charging (50% in just 30 minutes)!

But all this great tech comes at a price, with the 256 Gigabyte iPhone X costing anything up to £1,100. Even a refurbished handset can cost up to £700. This means you're right to want to protect your iPhone screen. At The Big Phone Store, we have iPhone X screen protectors designed to keep your screen safe from any unexpected chips, cracks or smudges. So, take a look at our online store and protect your screen today.

Do I need a tempered glass screen protector?

In theory: No. But in reality: Yes!

Apple build their devices to be used 'out of the box', so they don't officially recommend a screen protector for the iPhone X. Their screens are made using reinforced Gorilla Glass and the company responsible for the design (Corning) claim it to be the strongest glass ever used in a smartphone. This means - in theory - that your iPhone X has a screen built to last. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't want to protect it!

We all know that it takes just one accident and your screen can be cracked or chipped forever. If you're really unfortunate, you could even damage it so much that it requires expensive repairs... With this in mind, all our screen protectors are designed to guard against the following:

  1. Accidental damage. Protect your screen from chips and cracks when dropped on hard surfaces or when scuffed in your pocket or a bag!

  2. Expensive repairs. A replacement screen for iPhone X will probably set you back over £200. As a result, our products act as cost-effective insurance for your handset.

  3. Handset value. If you want to sell your iPhone X, you'll get more money if it's in better condition. And don't forget - the screen is always one of the first things any buyer checks!

What are the best iPhone X screen protectors?

At The Big Phone Store, we have screen protectors to suit every budget and protect your iPhone X to the max! Even better, all our tempered glass screen protectors come with a 12-month warranty and there's free delivery with all orders over £30.

If it's strength you're after, look no further than the Panzerglass™ Screen Protector. Plenty of people swear by PanzerGlass™ when it comes to protecting their iPhone. Made from the highest quality tempered glass, they are a market leader in screen protection. Their products have also been optimised to maintain functionality, ease of use and 100% touch sensibility. It fits the frame perfectly and has an oleophobic coating, which is both anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint. Panzerglass™ know what they're doing when it comes to screen protection, so you can sure of buying with confidence. Great for those who want strength, total protection and an effortless user experience!

We also recommend the Zagg InvisibleShield Glass Curve Screen Protector. We think you'll love the impact and scratch resistant technology, allowing you to put your handset in your bag or pocket without having to worry. The 3x stronger shatter-protection and reinforced edges equally provide the very best in drop protection, while the curved edges of this tempered glass screen protector fit seamlessly onto the display of your iPhone X. As well as being touch sensitive and 100% clear, meaning your handset will be free from fingerprints and always look clean. You'll barely notice the Zagg InvisibleShield Glass Curve Screen Protector. With its precision touch sensitivity, functionality and ease of use which come as standard!

Then there's the Zagg Invisible Shield Glass Plus Screen Protector. Made of a premium composition and the highest of technology, this tempered glass screen protector gives you industry leading protection and Ion Matrix technology. It's also smudge resistant and precision finished, ensuring your display and frame are always fingerprint / smudge free, while the pack includes Smart EZ Apply tabs for bubble- and hassle-free application.

Or take a look at the Zagg ClearGuard Screen Protector. The ClearGuard design delivers unbeatable impact and is built using 100% transparent film, making this screen cover so clear that your iPhone display is completely unaffected. It's also case friendly, has a super-smooth feel and is equipped with precision touch sensitivity. Inside the box, you get a microfibre cloth, a cleaning wipe and a dust removal sticker. Application has never been easier!

If you're looking for tempered glass screen protectors with easy installation and effective fingerprint resistance, consider the Spigen iPhone X Screen Protector (2 pack). Made with toughened glass that's 9H durability-rated, it's compatible with every Spigen case and is oleophobic coated for smudge free use. It not only provides clarity for your screen display, but also contains applicators and instructions that ensure easy installation. We think Spigen products always tick the boxes you want ticked when it comes iPhone X protection. You'll love this product!

If it's a Belkin iPhone X screen protector you're after, then look no further than their InvisiGlass™ Ultra Screen Protector. Labelled the 'next generation of screen protection', The InvisiGlass™ Ultra delivers optimised security while the thin, precision-cut leaves you with a flawless touchscreen experience. The top layer is also proven and tested to give the highest level of scratch protection, so you can be sure that your phone will look like new for longer than ever before. What are you waiting for, get yours at The Big Phone Store today!

If you want to combine value and protection for your Apple iPhone X, there isn't much better than the Tech21 Impact Shield Self Heal Screen Protector. A product that's easy to apply and designed with high tech materials, it's constructed using bulletshield - a material found in bulletproof glass. It also has a self-healing finish that will smooth over day-to-day scratches and leave your screen clear and smudge free. And inside the box, there's an applicator to ensure easy, bubble-free installation. It's time to protect your iPhone to the max with Tech21!

And if it's a glass screen protector that's both ultra-thin and precise to the touch that you want, we recommend the Zagg ClearGuard Screen Protector. Compatible with a range of cases and covers, it provides impact protection, is scratch resistant and has a lightweight feel that means you'll barely notice it when fitted to your handset. Zagg promise 'polished protection, pixel for pixel', which is exactly what they deliver. It's a superb product at an unbeatable price. What's not to like!

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Whether for business or socialising, gaming or listening to music, we know how important your iPhone is to you. Since 1999, The Big Phone Store has provided customers with a knowledgeable, helpful service. For over 20 years, we have worked with some of the biggest mobile phone companies. We have also shipped millions of orders from our base in the UK to an ever growing, expanding and satisfied customer base.

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