iPhone SE 2020 Screen Protectors

iPhone SE 2020 Screen Protectors

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iPhone SE 2020 Screen Protector

Your Apple iPhone SE 2020 is well worth protecting. And here at The Big Phone Store, we've got a wide range of screen protectors designed to guard against unexpected drops or accidental damage. So, shop for the best screen protectors in our online store today and secure your smartphone from chips, abrasions and scratches!

Does the iPhone SE 2020 have Gorilla Glass?

Yes! iPhone SE 2020 continues the Apple tradition of using Corning's Gorilla Glass. Described as 'the most durable front glass ever in a smartphone', it means your new handset has a screen that's been built to last. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't want to protect it!

Does the iPhone SE 2020 need a screen protector?

In short: Yes! A new Apple iPhone SE 2020 is a handset made from durable materials, but it's far from indestructible. All it takes is one accident or drop onto a hard surface and the screen could be cracked or chipped for good. If you're really unfortunate, you might even find yourself with an expensive repair bill...

Is it really worth getting a tempered glass screen protector?

Your iPhone SE 2020 has a screen that's well worth protecting. So every screen protector we stock at The Big Phone Store is designed to guard against the following:

  1. Accidental damage. Protection from chips, scratches and cracks when dropped on hard surfaces or when scuffed by everyday items like coins or keys!

  2. Expensive repairs. A replacement phone screen can set you back well over £200. Buying a screen protector therefore acts as cost-effective insurance.

  3. Handset value. If you ever want to sell your iPhone SE 2020, you'll get more money if it's in better condition. And don't forget - the screen is always one of the first things any buyer checks!

What are the best iPhone SE 2020 screen protectors?

At The Big Phone Store, we have screen protectors to suit every budget, so take a look at the brands we stock and some of our recommendations below. Every screen protector comes with a 12-month warranty and there's free delivery on orders over £30.


When it comes to ultimate protection, we recommend the PanzerGlass™ Screen Protector. The anti-bacterial, antimicrobial coating will protect your screen from everyday scratches and abrasions, the shock-absorbent material guards against unexpected drops and the perfect fit provides your iPhone SE 2020 with both a crystal-clear display and 100% touch sensitivity. Easy to install and designed to protect a screen from edge to edge, PanzerGlass™ are a market leader in screen protection. You'll love the way it keeps your smartphone safe!


Looking for an effective screen protector? iPhone SE 2020 really loves Zagg! And we think you'll love the Zagg Glass Plus Invisible Shield Screen Protector, with its impact / scratch protection, ultra-smooth bevelled edges and precision touch sensitivity. Everything you want in a tempered glass screen protector, it provides high definition clarity that allows for both convenience and functionality. Even better, the pack includes Smart EZ Apply tabs that make installation simple, accurate and bubble free. It's perfect for your iPhone SE 2020!


If you want a tempered glass screen protector that combines value and protection for your Apple device, look no further than the Tech 21 Screen Protector. An established UK brand, Tech21 have built a phone screen that will keep your device safe and fully accessible at the same time. But Tech21 go the extra mile when it comes to protection - they drop test their products over and over again to ensure total security for your iPhone SE 2020.


We love the TechGuard 3D Gorilla Glass Screen Protector. It looks and feels like a real screen, provides protection from edge to edge and boasts shatter protection that will keep your iPhone SE 2020 looking as good as new. Then there's the TechGuard Self Healing Screen Protector. It's easy to apply and is built with quad-layer technology that keeps your smartphone safe from unexpected scratches, cracks and abrasions. Even more impressive is the self-healing Nano coating that reduces the appearance of bumps or scrapes. Your iPhone SE 2020 has never looked so good!

Why buy your iPhone SE 2020 tempered glass screen protector from us?

Whether for business or socialising, gaming or listening to music, we know how important your smartphone is to you. Since 1999, The Big Phone Store has provided customers with a knowledgeable, helpful service. For over 20 years, we have worked with some of the biggest mobile phone companies. We have also shipped millions of orders from our base in the UK to an ever growing, expanding and satisfied customer base.

And our Price Promise Match means you can be sure of saving money. We take screen protection seriously so shop with confidence today, safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best value and best quality when it comes to protecting your Apple device.