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Refurbished Garmin Smartwatches

Refurbished Garmin Smartwatches Klarna

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Are Garmin smartwatches any good?

With ever growing popularity smartwatches are fast becoming the must-have technology accessory for any smart phone. Basic ranges of smartwatch features include steps and sleep tracking, fitness and general activity monitoring, whilst the top tier smart watch now has GPS connection, ECG heart rate monitors and the ability to make calls and texts. For anyone looking to track their fitness progress, or just help organise their busy professional and home lifestyle, a refurbished smart watch is the perfect choice...

So why Garmin? Garmin watches come in a range of models enabling you to choose the smartwatch best suited to your personality and lifestyle... For the more adventurous among us, some watches are specifically designed for outdoor recreation with GPS connection, solar charging and full-colour navigation maps. In addition, all Garmin fitness watches sync with Garmin Connect for your phone or computer in order to monitor your health and wellbeing progress. Those who are more fashion conscious will be pleased to know that Garmin smartwatches come in a variety of materials, including quality leather or silicone straps, providing that sense of style to suit every look and occasion. Not to mention the contactless payment solution Garmin Pay which enables the wearer to make purchases quickly and securely. Excellent for that post-run coffee!

Which Garmin smartwatch is the best?

When it comes to choosing the right Garmin watch for you there are a range of factors to consider. For those looking to keep track of their health and cardiovascular fitness, then the Garmin Forerunner models provide the best all-round feature content including GPS supported maps, wrist-based heart rate monitor and up to two weeks battery life! For beginners to the world of smartwatches the Garmin Vivoactive series is perhaps the most user friendly with a lightweight feel, Garmin Pay included and overall better value for money at the lowest price. The MARQ series delivers a stylish look, with an analogue face and function specific design for a higher price. For the gadget whizzes out there, the Fenix series with their solar charging and music storage offer the most comprehensive list of features. Needless to say, there is no "best" Garmin watch, with each model offering unique features depending on the lifestyle of the wearer, allowing for you to choose a smartwatch best suited to you!

Why choose Garmin over other brands?

With so much competition out there with a large diversity of smartwatches choosing the right brand and model can be challenging.  The answer to this question depends on what you want from your smartwatch. Garmin watches are the optimal choice among runners, cyclists and triathlon athletes due to their accurate GPS maps and a 5ATM or above water resistance rating. They also accommodate for more niche sports such as mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding, whilst alternate brands can only track up to 12 different sports. Garmin smartwatches are considered to hold the upper hand in regards to heart rate monitoring via exercise, with more accurate data over longer periods of time. Overall, for those with a sense of adventure, or who just wish to take control of their fitness regime, Garmin watches are perfect for them.

Why you should shop with The Big Phone Store?

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