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Are Apple watches worth it?

Refurbished Apple watches (sometimes referred to as refurbished iWatches) are definitely worth the money, and if you can get them at a discounted refurbished rate then even better! Whether you are a fitness fanatic, or just like to keep track of your lifestyle or day to day activities, or if you just want a hands free option and don't want to carry your phone with you all day then any of the Apple Watch Series are great! For fitness and lifestyle tracking you can track steps, heart rate, GPS track your distance, all movement, laps, calorie output and much more, and the Apple watch recognizes a massive amount of exercises. Some of the watches have many fitness apps such as Strava, Hole19, Rocketbody and Pelaton, so if you mix up your exercise a lot then you will definitely benefit from this. These watches aren't just for fitness - the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 can surf the web, set you any reminders such move around and drink water, and have Siri access and texts and calls. If you lead a busy lifestyle and find it hard to grab your phone, or you can't have your phone on you all day then the Apple watch will be like having all the best features of your phone on your wrist plus endless lifestyle and fitness tracking alongside it.

Which refurbished Apple watch should you buy?

All of our reconditioned Apples watches look great - and they pair with any brand new or refurbished iPhone perfectly. They all have great metallic designs with gorilla glass and come in a range of sizes so that you can find the perfect Apple watch to suit your wrist. The Apple Watch Series 5 is undoubtedly the best if you want the whole package - its features are unbeaten by any other smartwatch. On the watch screen you have endless app access with music, texts, calls, web surfing, and masses of fitness apps and features such as ECG heart rate monitoring and SOS fall detection, cycle tracking and mood tracking. It also has a S4 64-bit dual core processor and performs very quickly - so your active lifestyle won't get slowed down waiting for it to catch up with you. If you don't need the in depth and extensive fitness tracking features, the Apple Watch Series 3 still has everything you will need, and for basic sports and fitness needs the Apple Watch Series 1st generation is ideal and no-fuss!

Is it safe to buy refurbished Apple Watch?

Refurbished technology is safe - especially when bought from a reputable seller that knows technology well, and there are massive advantages to switching to renewed tech. Firstly, everyone knows Apple has high prices, and their smartwatches are no exception. If you want to enjoy the technology but the high prices put you off, then opting for a refurbished Apple watch will save you a lot of money. Furthermore, seeing as refurbished Apple watches come in a range of conditions, you can filter them based on the price you want - so you have more flexibility and pay the price that you are most comfortable paying. This is especially great if you consider how much Apple are constantly releasing new products - there's no point in buying a brand new watch at double the price you could buy a refurbished Apple watch for! 

It's also a lot more friendly for the environment if you opt for a refurbished Apple Watch over a brand new one, as it is reducing the amount that will end up in landfill or being thrown away too early when they are in perfectly good condition. If you are worried about faults, simply ensure you are buying from a respected seller that provides warranty and buyer protection.

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