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Who are Now TV and what is the Smart TV stick?

Now TV is a fantastic subscription based TV service that offer an endless list of entertainment opportunities. They offer live streaming and on demand shows for monthly subscriptions without a contract that ties you down. So, whether you enjoy to catch live sports matches, or catch up on the latest films or TV shows, Now TV have you covered. The Now TV Smart stick has been one of the most revolutionary ways to enjoy digital entertainment. It is an easy way to catch the best shows on the big screen. It comes in the form of a small dongle that can be plugged into any compatible television.

What are the features of a Now TV Smart stick?

  • Entertainment is the name of the game with this handy stick! There are various Now TV Entertainment passes which enable incredible entertainment that is constantly being updated and will never run out. For football and other sport lovers you can get sky sports, voice search, sky cinema and sky cinema passes, a sports pass, BBC iPlayer and endless sky benefits!

  • The NowTV Smart Stick is a small and practical size that won't obscure the view of your television. In a small stick form it slots easily into any compatible TV so that you can get watching straight away. There is nothing to install and it is light and compact so you can take it anywhere - holidays, moving house, or to a friends, this stick can come with you!

  • Voice search enables you to give your remote commands so you have full control over your entertainment experience. Tell your remote what you want to watch and let it do the work for you.

  • Easy catch up and On Demand as well as Sky Plus means you can save shows for later, enabling easy and stress free catch up for when you have missed shows.

Is a Now TV Smart Stick any good?

Everyone likes saving money, and you get the most bang for your buck with this NowTV stick. If you have a normal free-view TV that is in good condition, and you don't want to splash out on a Smart TV, this stick is the ideal solution. It turns any TV into a smart model TV at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, as there are multiple different subscription packages that Now TV offers that are available, you can ensure you are getting the programs you want at the best price for you. Alternatively, if you are considering investing in a smart television but you don't want to take the initial plunge, you can buy the Now TV dongle and transform your existing TV into a smart one, and trial it out before you pay the high price tag for a new TV.

If you aren't tech savvy, or don't live with someone that is, you can have peace of mind from having difficulty setting this up. All that needs to be done is plug it into a compatible TV and connect it to the internet and you are good to go!

If your family or household love to watch things together but you all have different tastes or can't decide what to watch, this TV dongle will put an end to the never ending argument of what film or show to watch, or the struggle of not being able to find anything to watch at all! Compared to normal TV, there are thousands more shows and films and apps to access, which means you have more choice and can find something that the whole family can enjoy together. This means you have more ways to entertain the family, and the added features of Apps and games mean there is something for any age.

The stick is very practical. If you have a second home or pass between households, but you don't want to risk missing live shows or sports matches, then just take the stick with you and plug it into the television that you are watching so that you never have to miss out again. If you have the tendency to move house frequently, or stay in hotels a lot then this is spot on for entertainment anywhere. If you are a student or living on a budget and don't want to pay for a TV license then this offers a brilliant alternative so that you can still watch plenty of shows without the added cost.

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