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ᐅ Buy Refurbished/Second Hand iPhone 6

Buy a refurbished iPhone 6 now! 

What makes the iPhone 6 good? 

The iPhone 6 is ideal for a busy and demanding lifestyle. If you need your phone to do everything - work and reply to emails, watch videos and films, scroll text and game - then this is excellent. With the A8 chip, this phone will seamlessly keep up with your demands, and makes this phone especially good for working from home. 

The iPhone 6 also looks as good as it performs - with a glossy glass front, sleek curved edges  and smooth aluminum back in finishes such as gold, rose gold, grey, black and silver, you can make a statement and look fantastic with this phone in your hand - and it makes the ideal birthday present for a loved one. 

The 4.7” screen size is additionally one of Apple's most popular screen sizes - and is still featured in Apple’s later models. This phone is a practical size that feels comfortable in your pocket and in your hand. With a retina display, you can achieve bright colours and brilliant images, which is perfect for watching Youtube videos or Netflix. 

The bottom faced speaker has great sound quality, and compliments the display to offer a fantastic total viewing and listening experience, with loud and clear sound that travels far - which is ideal for listening to music.  

The iPhone 6 also boasts great quality front and back cameras. With a 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, as well as front and back flash, and excellent added features such as focus pixels and true tone LED flash, you can be assured that this phone will be there to support you when photo opportunities arrive. 

The battery of the Apple iPhone 6 also holds its own - powered with 1810mAh, it will last you all day - and with brightening adjuster and power saving tools, you can manage your battery throughout the day to suit your needs. With fast charging, you can be assured that this apple iPhone 6 will spend more time entertaining you and less time charging up. 

You will get the best experience on this phone with countless useful Apps, so you can set reminders, facetime with friends, use fitness and cooking apps, instruct Siri and more. 

Is a reconditioned iPhone 6 still worth it? 

If you want a  dependable smart-phone that fits into a hectic lifestyle but  won’t come with a costly price tag, but you want the premium feel of an iPhone and the unique Apple branding in your technology collection, then a refurbished apple iPhone 6 is definitely worth the money. It feels similar to its later models, with a similar screen size and similar features, but it costs a lot less. It makes the perfect present as a first time phone for a teenager or as a second phone for work or gaming, and if you buy it refurbished it will cost even less. 

Is it safe to buy a renovated iPhone 6?

A renewed iPhone 6 is definitely safe to buy - most come with warranty included so you have peace of mind. Furthermore, refurbished phones have been assessed and graded by experts, and then restored back to factory settings, so any problems with them will have been noted and rectified. 

Why should you buy iPhones refurbished by The Big Phone Store? 

Get Free Delivery and 1 Years Warranty with your refurb iPhone 6 and also browse our endless range of cases and genuine Apple accessories to complete your purchase today. We have been selling and refurbishing iPhones since 1999 - and we are great at it. Our products are at the highest quality they can be and our prices are the cheapest out there.

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