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Sell My Apple iPhone 6S Plus

Apple iPhone 6S Plus
How much is my Apple iPhone 6S Plus worth?
We'll pay you: £5.00
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Trade In or Sell My Apple iPhone 6S Plus

Sell Your iPhone 6S Plus 

While the iPhone 6S Plus was an iconic device renowned for its impressive camera and performance, the model has since become outdated. Released in 2015, the iPhone 6S Plus is now several years old, meaning you’re probably due for an upgrade! 

If you want to raise some funds towards a new smartphone, you can sell your iPhone 6S here at The Big Phone Store. We offer great prices on all the second-hand phones we buy, even if they’re damaged! 

Can I Sell a Broken iPhone 6S Plus? 

Yes, you can sell a broken iPhone 6S Plus right here at The Big Phone Store! The value of your iPhone 6s Plus is based on the current condition of your phone, with our four conditions determining how much money it’s worth.  

Don’t worry if you want to sell an iPhone 6S Plus in poor condition! We accept broken iPhone 6S Plus’ in almost any condition, whether it’s spotless and scratch-free (Good) has any cosmetic damage (Poor), or even any functional damage (Broken) – providing it’s not crushed or in pieces. 

We still pay more than most people expect for broken phones, even with older generations like the iPhone 6S Plus!

When you sell an iPhone 6S Plus you are not just getting money towards a new phone – you are doing your bit for the environment! Old phones that aren’t recycled contribute to the growing problem of e-waste, so do your part for the environment by selling your old iPhone 6S Plus! 

How Much Can I Sell My iPhone 6S Plus for? 

We offer some of the best prices for a used iPhone 6S Plus! Just select whatever is most applicable to your iPhone 6S Plus:

  • Condition: We use four distinct categories to determine the condition of your phone - New, Good, Poor, and Broken (See above and in our T&Cs). The better the condition, the more money you get when selling your iPhone 6S Plus 

  • Storage: We accept all storage capacities for an iPhone 6S Plus, including 16GB, 32GB, and 128GB. 

  • Network: We pay more for an unlocked iPhone 6S Plus, so it’s recommended that you contact your network provider to have the device unlocked. Please note that only your network provider can unlock your phone – Apple can’t unlock your iPhone!