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Sell My iPad or Tablet for cash - New, Faulty and None Working

As time goes on more and more people believe tablets are going to take over the laptop model, so much so it's almost the consensus. Is this true? Only time will tell, but either way it seems tablets are here to stay and unwanted models will need recycling.

If you're looking to sell your Android tablet, iPad, Windows 8 or eReader then The Big Phone Store will offer you the highest prices and get the money into your account as soon as the device is tested.

It could be brand new, second hand, faulty or even not working at all. Also, If you are concerned about potential hidden data that may still be lurking within your tablet, then our permanent data removal service could put your mind at ease. It removes all the data in your tablet and prevents any type of recovery software retrieving your personal information. 

Things you may not know about iPads

  • 81 per cent of all tablets are iPads.

  • The iPad Air is 72 times faster than the iPad 4.

  • Over the past three years, the iPad was used nearly 23 times more than any Samsung tablet.

  • Three times more employees used the iPad compared to other tablets.

Things you may not know about Tablets in general

  • There are 150 million tablet users in the world today.

  • The 25-54-year age group account for the maximum number of tablet users.

  • 9 out of 10 users prefer a Wi-Fi only tablet to a 3G tablet. 

  • With tablet usage gaining popularity, desktop usage is expected to go down by 75%.

Our Unique Services

We try to customise our services around each one of our customers specific needs. We offer a same day payment which makes sure you are paid the day your tablet is tested. This is accompanied with a tailored collection service, which gives you the freedom to choose when and where your device is collected.

Safety and Security 

We recently conducted several surveys to get a better understanding of consumers attitudes towards data security.

Over  a 12 month period we analysed all the iPads and Tablets that were sent to us to see how much data was left behind. Based on our findings we discovered a worrying 49% of iPads and Tablets still had the previous owners pictures on them and 3% were of an explicit nature.

So make sure whenever you sell or recycle your iPads and Tablets, all of the data and images are removed.   

How do I sell my iPad or Tablet?

You can simply use the search box above to find your tablet model or find it in the most popular section below.