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Sell My Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6s
How much is my Apple iPhone 6s worth?
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Sell my iPhone 6s

Why should I be selling my iPhone 6s?

A great and easy way to make some money to put towards an upgrade, or just for extra cash in your pocket, is to sell your iPhone 6s.  Over 60% of phone owners are Apple users, meaning iPhones continue to be in high demand making it more likely that you will see great prices for your iPhone 6s. Not to mention, the iPhone 6 series are among the most popular models  of mobile phones! Most people upgrade to a newer model every 24 months or less, even when their current phone is still working in Good condition, this has led to a build up of phones within the home. Sadly many of our old phones are just left to clutter up our homes or worse end up in the bin! When you choose to sell iPhone 6s you are helping to do your bit as we strive to a more sustainable future. This is because, not only will selling your old iPhone 6s provide you with a bit of extra money and space, you will also be ensuring that working iPhones stay in use for longer and, if you sell to us, that any broken iPhones are recycled correctly in accordance with the WEEE directive and Environmental Protection Act (1990). So, what are you waiting for, sell your old phone today!

Can I sell a broken iPhone 6s?


Yes! Even if your old iPhone 6s is broken or damaged (water damage, etc), it's not a problem. It doesn't affect the quality of your device since we buy broken devices too. In fact, we accept all types of iPhone 6s because we know that some things aren't easily repaired; hence they need to be disposed of.

E-waste is harmful, and harmful components can cause serious health problems later in life. As such, we buy every possible broken iPhone 6s to ensure that they get recycled responsibly. We always strive towards doing good deeds and thus ensuring that every single e-waste is reused. We accept and recycle any type of old phone.

How much does an iPhone 6s sell for?

The value of your old / broken iPhone 6s may vary based on the recycler you are selling to. Here, at The Big Phone Store, we promise to never 'Overvalue and Underpay' for your device. Instead we aim to provide honest and transparent service so that you can leave happy with one phone lighter and cash heavier. As a result, it is difficult to give you a set price for your iPhone 6s as the price of the offer will vary depending on storage, condition and network of your device. To put it into a contrasting example, a Brand-New Apple iPhone 6s with a storage capacity of 16GB will be worth more than a Broken iPhone 6s 64GB which has severe water damage. Nevertheless, it is always best to check our website to see how much we will pay for your iPhone 6s.

Where is the best place to sell my iPhone 6s?

We want to buy your iPhone 6s, it could be in Brand-New condition or severely water damaged beyond repair, either way we would love to take it off your hands. Due to the fact that we are mobile recyclers who seek to be environmentally conscious we will always make you an offer for your iPhone 6s, no matter the condition of the phone you are selling.  As a mobile phone recycler, if we get the device sold to us to function correctly, we will recycle it in the most environmentally friendly way possible. iPhone 6s to sell? Trade with us to get peace of mind with a fast and smooth service. We have over 20 years experience with buying and selling iPhones and have become a popular and trusted trade-in and eCommerce company registered in England. But, don't let us do the talking why not check out our highly rated reviews on Trustpilot.

How do I sell my iPhone?

Selling your iPhone 6s could never be easier, just follow the four simple steps if you want to sell your iPhone 6s to us, all from the comfort of your own home!

  1. Place your order - Once you find the device that you want to sell, which in this case is the iPhone 6s, you will be directed to the product page which you are currently on. Here you can simply select the storage, condition and network status appropriate for your iPhone 6s. Make sure to select the correct specifications in order to give you the best price so you can accurately compare prices and avoid any returns or delays. Once done, enter your details and send us your order using this website.

  2. Send your phone - We provide a fast and free post service. Once we receive a confirmation email, we will send you a Welcome Pack containing a freepost bag, usually within one day of your order. Merely, pack your iPhone 6s into the freepost bag and send your iPhone(s) to us.

  3. We check your order - Once we receive your iPhone 6s, we will check that the delivery is complete and that all your phones are in the condition and specification you selected. We will send an email to you, notifying you that we have received your iPhone 6s and are currently testing and processing your order.

  4. You get paid FAST! - We process your payment as soon as it's been confirmed. In order to ensure a smooth experience and to make sure you get paid quickly, we aim to process the money for your device the instant we receive and test it. This means that we pay you your money into your account in 1 day. However, this may take longer as it is dependent upon Royal Mail's delivery, either way you will have to wait no more than 2 days -5 days for the payment. We offer payment via bank transfer (Faster Payments), or PayPal if you prefer. As a result, there is no time to lose, literally, so why not sell us your Apple iPhone 6s today and get paid fast!!