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Sell my Apple Watch

Sell your old Apple Watch for a great price today!

Thinking about selling your Apple Watch? Looking for hassle-free trade-in that gets you paid fast? Well you've definitely come the right Buy Back Store!

Since 1999, The Big Phone Store has been buying and selling electrical products. We pride ourselves on providing a helpful, knowledgeable and friendly service, as well as guaranteeing fair prices for any of your unwanted tech.

Our Buy Back Store accepts a range of Apple Watches - including the Apple Series 5 (GPS + LTE), the Apple Nike+ Series 4 (GPS) and the Apple (1st Gen) Sport Watch. So place your order, sell your Apple Watch and get yourself a great cash deal today!

Why sell my Apple Watch?

Your Apple Watch is a great device. And it's popular too - in the first quarter of 2020 alone, Apple shipped over 7 million of their smartwatches around the world! The Apple Watch has been described as the 'ultimate device for a healthy life'. It provides you with a range of health data, while connecting you to the people and things you care about most.

All this means that it's in high demand - so sell your Apple Watch in our Buy Back Store now!

Where can I sell my Apple Watch?

Because of its popularity, you won't be short of offers if you want to sell your Apple Watch. But at The Big Phone Store, we have a Price Match Promise - that you won't find a better deal anywhere else! In the unlikely event that you do, we'll match it without hesitation. Even better, we always pay out in cash (as a direct bank transfer), so enjoy spending any money you make for your Apple Watch with no restrictions on when, where and how!

How much can I sell my used Apple Watch for?

The value of your Apple Watch depends on just two factors - 'condition' and 'size'. On every individual product page, you'll find our valuation calculator. All you need to do is fill in the details required and you'll get an instant quote for your Apple Watch.

An Apple Watch in better 'condition' will naturally have a higher cash value! But to make things even more straightforward, we've split our criteria into just four categories: New, Good, Poor and Broken. Most of the devices we receive fall into the latter three categories. But we also offer an unbeatable valuation for any 'new' Apple Watch - so sell yours today!

With 'size', larger smartwatches tend to have a higher resale value. Most Apple Watch devices come in either 38mm, 40mm, 42mm or 44mm.

Please note: Before selling your Apple Watch, we highly recommend performing a Factory Reset and wiping any personal data. Almost half of all electrical devices sold to buy back stores still have personal information and / or data on them! So we suggest you protect your privacy and reset your Apple Watch. If you need more assistance with this process, take a look at Apple's website in the first instance. You'll also find plenty of guides for specific smartwatch models online - many of which are video tutorials.

How easy is it to sell my old Apple Watch?

At The Big Phone Store, we want to make trade-in simple and straightforward. So get paid fast for selling your Apple Watch to our buy back service:

If your Apple Watch isn't in our catalogue, just fill out our 'Request a Valuation' form. Within 48 hours, we'll let you know if we accept your device and - if we do - how much we're willing to pay for it.

  1. Find the right product page. Above, you'll see all the Apple Watch devices currently listed in our catalogue. Simply click on the product you want to sell. You can also begin typing the Apple Watch into the search bar to find the correct product page.

  2. Place your order. To sell your Apple Watch, all you need to do is get your valuation, provide a designated bank account for the cash transfer and let us know a few important personal details.

  3. Send us your Apple Watch. Within 24 hours, we'll send out our Welcome Pack. It contains all the packing instructions and items you need to send your device to us. Remember to only pack required items - we may not be able to rectify errors afterwards.

  4. We check your order. As soon as your package arrives, we'll send an email to confirm. Then it's just a case of checking over your device(s) to see whether 'condition', etc. are as you indicated when placing your order.

  5. You get paid! On the same day your order's been checked and confirmed, we process your payment!

Can I sell my broken Apple Watch?

You can sell your Apple Watch if it's broken and / or damaged. But unfortunately, not every device sent to us can be traded-in for cash. To find out if yours qualifies for an unbeatable cash payment, take a look at our criteria for a 'broken' device (they're on every product page). As long as your Apple Watch meets these conditions, we promise to give you the best possible price for it!

And here at The Big Phone Store, we're passionate about protecting the environment too. So if your Apple Watch is broken or damaged beyond repair, we offer a free recycling service. We never send electrical parts to landfill and guarantee to dispose of them in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We follow guidelines set out by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, the Environmental Protection Act (1990) and Hazardous Waste Regulations (2005), so trust us to responsibly recycle any broken Apple Watch.

Contact us

If you want to sell your used Apple Watch but have further questions about our Buy Back Store - just ask one of our friendly team today. You can contact us in the following ways:

  • Direct message us on Facebook.

  • Call 0800 888 6497.

  • Use the chat function on our website (click on icon in bottom right corner of screen).