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Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 8
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Sell iPhone 8 | Get Paid More Today!

How Do I Sell My iPhone 8?

If you're trying to sell your iPhone 8, you're in the right place! Simply select the relevant options above depending on which ones match the iPhone 8 you're selling. If you're trying to sell your iPhone 8 64GB and is unlocked, then select '64GB' and 'Unlocked' then read our grading criteria to determine whether your device is 'New', 'Good, 'Poor', or 'Broken'.

When you sell your iPhone 8, we'll give you an instant quote of how much we'll pay for it along with what payment method you'd prefer.

The prices we pay vary depending on the different attributes the phone has - these include the grade, storage, and network. The higher the grade of the phone, the more money we'll be able to pay you for it. However, if your iPhone 8 has any significant damage (scratches or cracks) then this will result in it being a lower grade.

What will happen after I recycle my iPhone 8?

Once we receive your handset, it will be checked by our technicians to ensure that it matches the criteria it was sent in as and that all personal data has been securely removed. It will then be either stripped for parts, resold, or recycled according to the WEEE regulations.

Is it possible to sell my iPhone 8 without the charger, box or other accessories?

Yes, it is - As part of our grading criteria, we only buy the handset itself which means that you won't need to send in your original charger and any other cables/accessories/boxes with your device - unless of course, you're selling it as 'New'. For more information, visit our FAQ.

When will I get paid for my iPhone 8?

If you sell your iPhone 8 to us, we'll pay you up-front and usually the same day we receive it (unless it was sent in as 'broken' or was received by us after 12 PM). Regardless of how you sell your iPhone 8, we'll pay via the method you requested securely and as quickly as we can.