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Apple iPhone X
Apple iPhone X
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🥇Sell My iPhone X | Get Paid More Now!

Sell my iPhone X

Unbeatable iPhone X trade-in deals!

Do you have an iPhone X to sell? Well at The Big Phone Store, we'll give you an unbeatable trade-in price for it. We accept every condition, every network and every storage option for the iPhone X, so start making money and get using our Buy Back store today!

Where can I sell my iPhone X?

With its 3D Touch Screen display, A11 Bionic Chip and 12 Megapixel Wide-Angle Camera, the iPhone X is a superb handset. It also supports Qi wireless charging, has a lightweight feel and boasts super-fast charging (50% in just 30 minutes)!

All this makes your iPhone X valuable and means there are plenty of buy back stores that will offer either cash or store credit for your handset. But at The Big Phone Store, we're never beaten on price! We're constantly monitoring all our offers to guarantee you the best possible deal. And we're equally as passionate when it comes to protecting the environment. We promise to dispose of any parts or devices beyond repair in the the most responsible, safe, sustainable way possible.

So trust us to buy back your iPhone X - it's good for both your pocket and the planet!

How much is my iPhone X worth?

At The Big Phone Store, we always want to make things as straightforward as possible. There's only three things we look at when it comes to valuing any iPhone X device - 'network', 'storage' and 'condition'.

Firstly, let's talk about the 'network'. It's very likely that your iPhone X is 'locked' to its current network provider (Vodafone, EE, BT, Virgin Mobile, etc.). This is perfectly normal, but you tend to get better trade-in value if it's 'unlocked' (which just means it can be used on different networks). Apple aren't able to 'unlock' your iPhone X - only network providers can do this. It's a straightforward process, but one we highly recommend you look at doing before selling your handset. Simply contact your network provider and get them to provide you with all the necessary information and instructions.

'Storage' refers to the capacity of your Apple device. We accept the iPhone X 64GB and 256GB. The bigger the storage, the more money you get - simple as that!

And when it comes to 'condition', we've made things really easy at The Big Phone Store. Basically, we have four 'condition' categories: New, Good, Poor and Broken. You can find detailed descriptions for each classification below and there's further information on this in our full Terms and Conditions.

But to give you an idea of some of the key things we look for when it comes the 'condition' of your iPhone X, take a look at the following:

  • New. In the original, sealed box. Must not be refurbished or reconditioned. Must be the factory original. Must be removed from iCloud or any account that could limit usage.

  • Good. Full working order. Only light wear and tear. No damage, scratches, defects, chips, marks or imperfections. LCD screen must have no signs of discolouration, screen burn, missing pixels or any other imperfections. Must have Good Battery Health.

  • Poor. Full working order. Average wear and tear acceptable. LCD screen must have no signs of discolouration, screen burn, missing pixels or any other imperfections. Must have Satisfactory Battery Health and not require a service.

  • Broken. Has faults or is damaged. Must not be bent, crushed or in pieces. Must have no internal missing parts.

Can I sell my iPhone X if it's broken?

Yes! If your iPhone X meets the criteria for 'broken' (which most do), we accept it at The Big Phone Store. And we promise to give you the best possible price for it too! In the first instance, we try to repair every 'broken' device that's sent to us, if not reuse as many working parts as possible. Take a look at our online store and its affordable range of refurbished iPhones to see what we mean!

But even if your iPhone X is broken beyond repair and holds no monetary value, you can still recycle it with us and do your bit for the planet! We promise to recycle everything we receive in the most environmentally friendly way possible and in accordance with strict regulations including the WEEE Directive and the Environmental Protection Act (1990).

How easy is it to sell my iPhone X?

Really easy! At The Big Phone Store, we've made selling your iPhone X as straightforward as it gets. Here's how our hassle free, 5-step process works:

  1. Decide to sell. You've already done this! And remember... you're in the perfect place to get the best possible price for your iPhone X.

  2. Place your order. Start by selecting the 'condition', 'network', 'storage' and 'quantity' of the handset(s) you want to sell (don't forget to look carefully at our 'condition' criteria before making your choice). Then fill out your personal details, choose a designated bank account and your order is sent through to us in just a few clicks!

  3. Wait for your Welcome Pack. Usually within 24 hours of your order being placed, we'll send a Welcome Pack containing a Freepost bag and instructions telling you how to send your iPhone X to us. Just place the relevant item(s) in the bag and post it straight back - you can post up to 2 handsets in any bag and can always order more bags should you need them.

  4. We check your order. As soon as we receive your package, we'll send an email telling you it's arrived. We then check the delivery and whether the 'storage', 'condition' and 'network' are as you selected.

  5. You get paid! Once the condition is confirmed, our hard working team will quickly process any payment(s) to your designated bank account.

Why sell your iPhone X to The Big Phone Store?

Since 1999, The Big Phone Store has provided customers with a knowledgeable, helpful service and we are always looking to buy back your old mobile phones for a fair price. For over 20 years, we have worked with some of the biggest companies. We have also shipped millions of orders from our base in the UK to an ever growing, expanding and satisfied customer base.

So when it comes to wanting to sell your iPhone X, here's why you should choose The Big Phone Store:

We won't be beaten on price!

Our Price Match Promise means we're never beaten on price. Unlike other mobile phone buy back sites, we monitor all our offers and buy back quotes daily. That way, you always get the best possible deal for your iPhone X.

We make selling phones an effortless experience!

We take pride in our efficient, hassle free iPhone X trade-in process. Our aim is to have the money for your old device in your chosen bank account after just a few short days.

We believe in sustainability and protecting the environment!

Like you, we passionately believe in sustainability and protecting the environment. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the mobile phone recycling sector and we've been recycling phones since 1999. This means you can trust us to dispose of any parts or devices responsibly, safely and sustainably.