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Sell My Laptop for Cash - Laptop Trade In UK

Planning to upgrade or just declutter? Don't let your old laptop gather dust – instead, turn it into cash with our one-stop Sell My Laptop shop!

Sell My Laptop - UK Laptop Trade-In, Online or In-Store

Thanks to our commitment to excellent service, as well as offering the best prices, we're the go-to choice for many across the UK to trade in their old laptops. Regardless of its condition – be it nearly new, slightly worn, or even broken - we offer a quick, efficient, and trustworthy service for you to get the best deal. We purchase any windows laptops, and with our speedy UK-based service, we guarantee prompt payment, free shipping, and a straightforward process. Find why we're the trusted reseller that our customers love. Swap your old device for a huge bank transfer today!

Are Laptops Worth Selling?

Did you know that millions of laptops are discarded each year, with many still in perfect working condition? Such unnecessary electronic waste is harmful to the environment. By selling your old laptop, you're not just benefiting financially, but you're also promoting a more sustainable way of living.

They’re also devices that keep their value very well - with an old laptop in good condition being much closer to its original value than a smartphone of a similar age!

Where can I sell my laptop in the UK?

As trusted UK refurbisher, you can sell laptops directly to us in-store at our purpose-built refurbishment centre. Here's the address:

Unit 14, Tech Park Drive, Wolverhampton WV14 7EF

Alternatively, read on to understand how you can effortlessly ship your laptop computer to us without stepping out!

How can you sell your laptop to us?

Selling your laptop online in the UK has never been such an easy process. Follow our clear and simple steps:

1. Submit your details:

Select the device type in the list above, then fill in relevant details about the hard drive, condition, and other specifications using our simple form. Whilst we'd love to give you an instant quote for your laptop, just like with our mobile phone trade in page, there are so many variables involved with selling a laptop that in order to do that here, the price quoted would have to be less than your laptop is actually worth.

Simply fill in your personal details, and we'll send you an email soon as possible with a personalised quote. We accept laptops from a huge variety of brands, including 

2. FREE postage:

After confirmation, we'll send you an e-mail with a Post Office QR code that you can use to print off a free postage label. Securely pack your laptop and ship it back.

3. Fast Payment:

Once received, we'll inspect your laptop and process the payment according to your chosen payment method - and you'll get money in your bank account the very same day. Your laptop trade-in is complete! (Yes, it really is that easy!)


What happens after I trade in my laptop?

Upon receiving your laptop, we prioritize its reuse. If repairs are needed, our expert technicians handle it. Laptop computers beyond repair are recycled in the most eco-friendly manner, adhering to the WEEE directive.

When will I receive payment?

We pride ourselves on quick service. After assessing your laptop, we aim to process your payment the very same day. However, depending on delivery times and the condition of your laptop, it may take 3-5 days for the funds to reflect in your account.

Do you accept damaged laptops?

Absolutely! At The Big Phone Store, we accept laptops in various conditions: New, Good, Poor, or Broken. Even if your laptop isn’t functioning, its components may still be valuable. Don't discard it; sell it to us! We also pay cash for broken phones.

How much can I get for a laptop trade-in?

The value largely depends on its make, model, age, condition, and current market demand. We check against our competitors' prices daily to make sure we're giving you the best price possible. The best way to get an estimate? Search for your laptop on our site and see the quotes we offer.

How can I track my order after selling my laptop?

Rest assured, we keep you in the loop! We'll send you email updates at every stage of the process, ensuring complete transparency.

Still wondering what you should do with that old laptop? Sell it with The Big Phone Store today!

What other tech can I sell at The Big Phone Store?

The Big Phone Store is also a great place to trade-in your tablet, sell your smartwatch, and (of course) get money for old mobile phones. Find out how much you could get for your old tech when you sell it with the UK’s fastest-growing mobile phone recycler!

Tech Trade-Ins Made Easy with The Big Phone Store

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