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The world is changing, people are changing and of course, technology is too. Smartwatches are about to change the way we live our lives and the way we view accessories forever. It's a camera, notepad, calculator, thermometer, compass, heart rate monitor, stop watch and ... a watch!

Whether it is brand new, used or damaged, figuring out what to do with your Smartwatch afterwards can be tricky. Bozowi are one of the first companies to offer a recycling service for all brands of Smartwatches.

Things you may not know about Smartwatches

  • It was voted the most anticipated item for 2014, in a 2013 marketing poll.

  • The UK's National Health Service are allegedly producing a campaign to implement Smartwatch technology within nurse/doctor practises. 

How can you sell your watch?

Regardless of its condition, simply type your Smartwatch model into the search box above or browse for it in the most popular category below. Follow the instructions and we will arrange the most convenient way to collect your watch and get the money into your account the same day of testing.