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Sell My Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 5G
How much is my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 5G worth?
We'll pay you: £250.00
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🔥Sell My Samsung Z Flip4 - Trade in 💸 Get Paid Instantly

Sell my Samsung Z Flip4 5G

Selling your old Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4? Maybe you can tell us - are flippable phones officially in or out? Either way, these newfangled foldable smartphones can be worth a lot of money if they're well looked after - and if not, we still might be able to squeeze some value out of it! Either way, why not enter your details above and see how much yours is worth! Trade In your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 with us today, and we'll give you some serious cash!


How do I sell my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4?

It couldn't be easier to sell your old Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 at The Big Phone Store. Just follow these three steps!


1. An instant price for your device

Just fill in your phone’s details to get an instant quote. We’ll ask you for details such as your phone’s storage capacity (aka storage size), and what condition it’s in. You should see a quote appear for your handset, right before your eyes! Labelling your device's condition incorrectly can lead to a delay in payment, so don't get caught up in looking at which options will get you the most money - just be honest!


2. FREE, secure shipping!

Once you accept our quote, we’ll send you a full postage pack within 24 hours. This will include a secure freepost pack, along with all the information you need to make sure your old Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 reaches us safely.

In a hurry? You can drop off your old device at your local post office today! Simply select ‘Post Office’ at check-out, and we’ll give you a QR code to take with you.


3. Get paid FAST: same-day evaluation!

As soon as we receive your device, we immediately send it for evaluation. That means that if your phone’s condition matches the information that you sent us, you’ll get money in your bank account the very same day we receive it. The power is in your hands - so make sure you give your old device a close inspection before selecting your device condition! We can pay you via bank transfer or PayPal.

Your Z Flip4 trade-in is complete! Yes, we know - it really is that simple. Keep an eye out for that bank transfer in the coming days!


Why trade in my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4?

Trading in might be the best way to get money towards your next phone. At the Big Phone Store, we’re crazy about our huge range of refurbished phones, because you’ll get far more value for money. We sell refurbished Samsung Galaxy devices of all shapes and sizes, as well as iPhones, Google Pixel phones and more - all with great battery health and in fully working condition. We'll even offer you a discount if you choose to buy your new phone from us. You'll receive up to £20 off your next purchase when you trade in!


Why is The Big Phone Store the best place to sell my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4?

There are many recyclers out there offering to take your device off your hands. Here are a few reasons why The Big Phone Store is the number one place to sell your Samsung device:


The Best Price for Your Device

At The Big Phone Store, we'll always give you a great price for your Z Flip4. Our sales team compare offers from other stores throughout the day, so you don't have to!


Experience Where it Matters

To make sure you get the best quality service, we take care of every single step of your Z Flip4 trade-in. No call centres, no third parties, no hidden fees. Just a dedicated customer service team at our UK-based phone restoration hub, where we’ve been refurbishing and recycling phones since the 1990s!

No wonder our website boasts a 5-Star badge from TrustPilot - you can’t do any better than that!


Can I sell my phone in-store?

Looking for a great place sell your phone in Wolverhampton? Why not visit us right here at The Big Phone Store! Here’s our address:

Unit 9, Waddens Brook Ln, Wolverhampton, WV11 3SF

To make sure you get the best service, make sure to bring your ID and some proof of address. We're open Monday to Saturday, 9am till 5.30pm. Drop us a visit today!


What should I do when I sell my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4?

You might be surprised by how little you need to do when selling your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. Before sending us your handset, you’ll need to remove your SIM card. This will make sure that you can easily transfer your phone number to your new device. 

You’ll also need to remove your device from your Samsung and Google accounts. You can do this from your phone, or online - we’ll guide you through the process once you check out.


Should I reset my phone to factory settings?

Once your device has been removed from your Samsung and Google accounts, we do recommend that you reset your phone before sending it to us.

However, you should beware - simply resetting your phone to factory settings doesn't guarantee that your information has been destroyed forever. That’s why we provide a Permanent Data Removal service, for free, for every single phone sold to us. Our company has been offering professional data destruction services for over 20 years, and we are registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Act. Simply send us your device, and we will take care of everything for you.


Can I sell a broken Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 for parts?

We're not afraid of damaged devices. You can still sell your broken Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 to us - we don't need it to be in good condition. 5 Billion old devices were thrown away last year, with a huge chunk of those heading straight to landfill - even when there’s plenty of use left in the device’s hardware. We can even pay cash for your water-damaged Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4!

Despite our best efforts, there are some circumstances where your broken Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 might actually be completely beyond saving - if your device is bent for example, or has its internals sticking out of the case, then it might be declared "Beyond Economic Repair" - and the best we can do is make sure that your handset gets recycled responsibly in a way that is safe, and good for the planet. 

Not only does e-waste put harmful substances into the environment - these phones contain rare-earth materials that desperately need to be recaptured and put back into the circular economy. The good news is that our recycling service is, and always will be, 100% free of charge. For more information, visit our Sell my Broken Phone page.

We don’t stop at buying phones! Sell your Samsung watch or tablet with us.

Our Samsung trade-in service covers much more than Samsung Galaxy phones. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab or Galaxy Watch to trade in, be sure to check out the deals we have available on our Sell Samsung Tablet and Sell Galaxy Watch pages.