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Huawei Mate S
Huawei Mate S
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Sell My Huawei Mate S | Get Paid More Now!

Sell my Huawei Mate S

It's time to sell your Huawei Mate S!

If you have a used Huawei Mate S, your handset will never be worth more than it is today. So sell it in our Buy Back Store for a great price and get a fast cash payment!

At The Big Phone Store, we've been buying and selling mobile phones for over 20 years. Our team prides itself on providing an unrivalled service and always promises to pay a fair price for your unwanted device.

Why is the Huawei Mate S a good phone?

The Huawei Mate S was released in 2015 and has been one of company's bestsellers ever since. Users love the 5.5" OLED Display and a 13 Megapixel Camera capable of capturing video in 1080p, as well as a phone that weighs in at just 156 grams!

Because of its relative age, the Huawei Mate S is also a very affordable handset - making it the perfect first smartphone or a very useful second / work device. All this means that it's in high demand - so sell yours for a great price today!

Where can I sell my used Huawei Mate S for cash?

Even though your Huawei Mate S is now a few years old, it still commands a solid valuation with a number of buy back retailers (both online and across the High Street). Many will offer either cash or store credit for your Mate S - so how do you work out the best deal?

Choose The Big Phone Store!

It's simple - choose The Big Phone Store! Whether we're buying and selling, we're never beaten on price. And unlike other retailers (including Mazuma and Music Magpie), we monitor and assess buy back valuations throughout the day to guarantee the best possible deal for your Huawei Mate S.

Even better, with our Price Match Promise, stay in complete control of your buy back experience. We're so confident of our pricing that - if you find a better 'like for like' offer elsewhere - we'll match it instantly and give you a free gift worth £50 just for using our service and telling us about the improved price!

We know you want to sell your Huawei Mate S to a trusted retailer. We're rated 'excellent' on Trustpilot and have featured on the award-winning Money Saving Expert. So use our Buy Back Store with confidence and sell your smartphone today!

How much is my Huawei Mate S worth?

Like every aspect of our buy back process, getting a valuation is both simple and straightforward. So at the top of this page, you'll find our valuation calculator. Just tell us the 'condition', 'network' and 'quantity' of the device(s) you want to sell and get an instant quote!

Can I sell my broken Huawei Mate S?

At The Big Phone Store, we accept phones in wide variety of 'condition', including those with common faults, defects and issues associated with damage. To qualify for an unbeatable cash valuation, your Huawei Mate S needs to at least meet our criteria for a 'broken' handset - you'll find these above. As long as it does, place your order and receive the payment in a matter of days!

Naturally, a Huawei Mate S in better 'condition' will command a higher trade-in valuation. Alongside our 'broken' criteria, you'll also find details for our 'New', 'Good' and 'Poor' categories. Most devices sent to us fall into either the 'good' or 'poor' classifications. But if you have a 'new' Huawei Mate S, you won't find a better price for it anywhere else!

Is my used Huawei Mate S worth more if it's 'unlocked'?

In most cases, a device 'unlocked' from its network provider (e.g. Vodafone, EE, O2) will be worth more in any trade-in deal. At The Big Phone Store, we always recommend checking the 'network status' of your device with your provider. We often get sent phones showing as 'unlocked' on an order that are in fact still 'locked'. To find out if your Huawei Mate S is 'locked' or 'unlocked', contact your provider or visit their website - they'll have all the information and instructions you need!

If I have accessories, can I sell these with my Huawei Mate S?

In our Buy Back Store, we only pay out for the handset. So if you have additional accessories (like a case, screen protector or bespoke headphones), they unfortunately add no value to a buy back order. If you do send these items, we may not be able to return them.

You may be able to sell certain accessories (e.g. cases) to other retailers. But remember... You won't get a better price for your Huawei Mate S than you do with The Big Phone Store!

How do I sell my Huawei Mate S?

It's a simple buy back process when it comes to selling your Huawei Mate S! Just follow these steps and enjoy spending the cash payment a few days after placing your order:

  1. Get your valuation and place your order. Using the valuation calculator, get an instant quote for your Huawei Mate S. Then provide us with a few personal details and choose a bank account for the fast cash transfer.

  2. Send your device. The sooner you send your Huawei Mate S, the sooner you'll get paid. Either post your device in the Freepost Bag from your Welcome Pack, or choose the 'print own label' option and send your handset in your own packaging. Postage is always free!

  3. Wait for checks and confirmation. As soon as possible, we'll check your device. If there are any issues, we'll be in touch.

  4. You get paid! Once everything's been confirmed, expect the cash payment to be transferred to your chosen bank account the same day!

Please note: If you're sending multiple phones with your order, only post up to two in each Freepost Bag. If you need more bags, you can always request them when ordering (or at any time afterwards).

If I can't sell my damaged Huawei Mate S, what are my options?

At The Big Phone Store, we always try to fix broken / damaged handsets. But sometimes, a device is beyond repair - even for our brilliant team. And if that's the case with your Huawei Mate S, why not take advantage of our free recycling service and dispose of your smartphone in the most environmentally friendly way possible!

For over 20 years, The Big Phone Store has been a responsible recycler of mobile phones. We never send electrical items (or their parts) to landfill and promise to dispose of your Huawei Mate S both safely and to the highest of environmental standards. For your own peace of mind, we are pleased to inform you that we operate as a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Authorised Treatment Facility and are fully registered with the Environmental Agency.

Contact us

We hope we've managed to answer any questions you might have about our Buy Back Store or selling your Huawei Mate S. But if not, don't worry... Just ask one of our knowledgeable, helpful team today! You can contact us in the following ways:

  • Direct message via our Facebook page.

  • Call 0800 888 6497.

  • Use the chat function on our website.