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Sell My Sony Xperia X Performance

Sony Xperia X Performance
How much is my Sony Xperia X Performance worth?
We'll pay you: £8.00
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Trade In or Sell My Sony Xperia X Performance

Sell my Sony Xperia X Performance

As someone who has previously worked with a handset like the Sony Xperia X Performance, you will appreciate its qualities. Like many previous owners, you have no doubt found this Sony Xperia X handset to be very useful indeed. However, over time, you might decide that it is time to level-up and get a new handset. If that is the case, what do you intend to do with the old phone that you have at present? If you would like some money back, you could trade-in your old Sony Xperia X Performance with us!

Our team at The Big Phone Store love the X Performance. We believe it is one of the best phones on the market for those at the mid-price level. However, getting one for an affordable price can be tough work. That is why our trade-in option offers a way to change that. Sell your Sony Xperia to use, and we can give you back a fair trade-in value for the price. This allows you to get a great return on the investment you have made in the phone previously. By getting a fair price back in return, you make sure you always get some value back for a phone that, otherwise, would have been sent to scrap!

Is it possible I can sell my old Sony Xperia X Performance?

Yes, we are happy to buy up both used and old handsets. The condition of the phone is secondary to us. Even if old and scuffed, you can be pretty certain the handset can be prepared. We use intelligent design techniques to help repair aesthetic and technical issues. This ensures the phone can be traded in to us, repaired properly, and then sold on to someone looking for a second-hand phone.

So, I can also sell my used Sony Xperia X Performance?

Absolutely - we are happy to buy up used handsets. With a bit of TLC, even the most used of Sony phones can be returned to high working order. All it takes is a bit of patience and an approach built upon care. We look to find out the issue, diagnose the problem, and then solve the issue as soon as is possible. In a short space of time, you can fill in our trade-in form and give us all of the information about the handset that we need. Then, we can make you an offer that feels in-line with what the phone should be worth.

We evaluate the condition closely, but we make sure you always get back a solid deal. We don't look to offer you 'street rates' because our team understands the phone itself. We know what the value of an X Performance handset is. So, we look to make you an offer that, to us, feels as fair as we can possibly be. This leaves you feeling as if you get a great return on that old phone, whilst we ensure that the phone is brought back to a condition worthy of being sold on to someone else.

Does this mean I can sell my broken Sony Xperia X Performance?

We get asked a lot about the condition of handsets that we are happy to accept. And we can say with certainty that the phones we buy do not have to be in pristine condition, or even close to it. While we always look to moderate the price we offer based on the condition, we don't penalise you for a broken phone. Because in our team, 'broken' is subjective; it takes a lot for a phone to be beyond our redemption and assistance. So, even if the broken phone isn't turning on, we can often find a solution to get it back to total working order ASAP.

Need a hand selling your X Performance handset?

Then do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know. Our team will be more than happy to get access to the details of the phone and get in touch. Once we know that we can easily get the phone back to the working order that is expected, we will ensure you get back a fair sum of money to cover your trade-in.

If you are unsure about any aspect of selling on a phone, though, you just need to get in touch with us. Our team will be happy to clarify and clear-up anything that you might wish to know.