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Sell My LG G4

How much is my LG G4 worth?
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Trade In or Sell My LG G4

Sell my LG G4

Selling your LG has never been easier!

Do you have an LG G4 to sell? Looking for an unbeatable valuation and hassle-free trade-in? If so, we've got the Buy Back Store for you! You won't find a better price for your device anywhere else and we always pay out fast - usually just a few days after you've completed an order.

The Big Phone Store has been an industry leader for over 20 years. Our team has decades of combined experience and know everything there is to know about your G4. So what are you waiting for... Place an order and sell your smartphone now - it'll never be worth more than it is today!

Why sell your LG G4?

The main reason for selling your LG G4 is that you'll make money. Despite being released in 2015, you're still looking at a solid buy back valuation. That's because LG are an internationally recognised tech company with a reputation for building affordable, functional and stylish mobile phones.

Another great reason to sell your LG is the positive impact it'll have on the environment. This is the case whether you're selling a phone in 'good' condition or even one that's 'broken' beyond repair. If your G4 can be resold, we'll put it through an extensive testing and cleaning process - giving your old phone a new lease of life. And if it's broken beyond repair, our free recycling service means it'll be disposed of to the highest possible environmental standards.

Choose The Big Phone Store!

There are lots of ways to sell your LG. But we recommend choosing a buy back retailer - more specifically, The Big Phone Store. That's because a buy back retailer guarantees to pay out for your device. No need to find a buyer - just get a great cash price and money in your bank account to spend after just a few days!

The Big Phone Store is never beaten on price. We're one of the only buy back retailers to check our pricing and valuations throughout the day. So unlike other buy back sites, you can be sure of getting the most up-to-date deal for your LG G4.

As you can see, we're very confident in prices across our Buy Back Store. But don't just take our word for it... Look at our 'excellent' rating on Trustpilot and hundreds of 5* reviews from happy, satisfied customers. We know you want to use a trusted retailer - and that's exactly what The Big Phone Store is. So sell your LG with confidence for a great price today!

How much can I sell my used LG G4 for?

Your LG G4 has an IPS LCD Display, a 16 Megapixel Camera and a fast-charging 18W Battery. This all means it currently demands a solid buy back valuation. And to find out what your G4 is worth, scroll up and use our valuation calculator. You only need to tell us the 'condition', 'network' and 'quantity' of the device(s) you want to sell and we'll do the rest!

Getting a valuation can be done in seconds... So let's start with 'condition'. You'll have to class your device as being either 'new', 'good', 'poor' or 'broken'. The criteria for each category can be found above (and on every product page across our Buy Back Store). A handset in 'good condition' must be in 'full working order (no faults)', have 'no damage, scratches, defects, chips, marks or imperfections' (aside from 'light wear and tear') and 'good battery health'. All our assessments are both honest and fair - so choose the 'condition' that you think best fits your G4. It's very likely we'll agree and pay out what you're expecting!

The 'network' your LG G4 is connected to also affects its buy back valuation. Mobile phones are either 'locked' to a provider (e.g. EE, Three, O2) or 'unlocked' and able to connect to any network. Devices can only be 'unlocked' by your provider - so you'll need to contact them directly or visit their website to find out the 'network status' of your G4. 'Unlocked' handsets tend to make more money when it comes to trade-in. It's easy to 'unlock' a device, so we recommend looking into this before selling any mobile phone.

Can I sell my broken LG G4?

We hope we'll be able to give you a great cash price for your 'broken' LG G4. But unfortunately, we cannot guarantee to pay out for every 'broken' handset that's sent to us. Your G4 will qualify for an unbeatable valuation as long as it meets our criteria for a 'broken' device. So take a look above to see whether you're able to sell your 'broken' G4 to The Big Phone Store!

And if your G4 is broken (or damaged) beyond repair, why not take advantage of our free recycling service and dispose of your handset in the most responsible way possible. The Big Phone Store recycles all electrical items (and their parts), never unnecessarily sends anything to landfill and operates as a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Authorised Treatment Facility.

How do I sell my LG G4 to The Big Phone Store?

Selling your LG G4 has never been easier! Just follow these simple steps and get a fast cash payment for your device:

  1. Place your order. Scroll up and start filling out the valuation calculator. Then we'll only need a few personal details and for you to choose a bank account for the fast cash transfer.

  2. Send us your device. With a range of great delivery options, you'll love how easy it is to send us your G4.

  3. Wait for us to check your order. We'll do this as quickly as we possibly can. As soon as your G4 has been inspected, we'll let you know (via email).

  4. Get paid! This happens really quickly. In fact, you can expect the agreed cash value to be transferred to your chosen account on the same day everything's been confirmed!