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Sell My Huawei P8

Huawei P8
How much is my Huawei P8 worth?
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Trade In or Sell My Huawei P8

Sell my Huawei P8

Sell your Huawei P8 in our Buy Back Store today!

If you want to sell your Huawei P8, why not use our Buy Back Store! We've got unbeatable valuations, hassle-free trade-in and we promise to pay out fast for your unwanted device.

Since 1999, The Big Phone Store has been buying and selling mobile phones. Our team are experts in the industry and we're always looking to provide an excellent service. So if you've got a used Huawei P8 to sell, our Buy Back Store guarantees both the best possible prices and speedy trade-in!

Where can I sell my used Huawei P8?

With its IPS-NEO LCD Display, 13 Megapixel Camera and lightweight feel, your Huawei P8 is in high demand! This means you won't be short of offers from buy back sites for it. And whether on the High Street or online, retailers will all tell you that their deal is the best available.

Why sell my old Huawei P8 to The Big Phone Store?

We know how confusing it can be when so many retailers tell you that their deal is the best. So at The Big Phone Store, we've done the hard work for you. Unlike other buy back sites, we check prices every single day to ensure our valuations are unbeatable.

And it's not just our prices that are great - our trade-in is straightforward, efficient and we aim to pay out fast too. A matter of days after placing your order in our Buy Back Store, expect the cash value for your handset to be paid into your chosen bank account. Even better, our same day payment service means you get paid the same day your order has been received, checked and confirmed by our hard-working team!

So if you want truly unbeatable valuations and hassle-free trade-in, choose The Big Phone Store today!

How much can I sell my Huawei P8 for and how does your Buy Back Store work?

If you want to sell your Huawei P8, our valuation process is both simple and easy-to-use. At the top of this page you'll find our valuation calculator, which is designed to get an instant quote for your handset. Simply select the 'condition', 'network' and 'internal storage' of the device you want to sell - and don't forget to adjust the 'quantity' if you have more than one mobile to offload!

If you want to sell Huawei P8 handsets to our Buy Back Store, the cash value is almost always higher if the device is in better 'condition'. To keep things nice and straightforward, we've split our criteria into just four categories: New, Good, Poor and Broken. The specific details for each category are listed above and you can also find more information in our full Terms and Conditions.

When it comes to 'network', we recommend checking whether your Huawei P8 is 'locked' or 'unlocked' from its network provider (BT, EE, Three, etc.). All you need to do is contact your provider or visit their website - they'll have the necessary information and instructions. Your device is usually worth more in any trade-in if 'unlocked', so this is definitely something to look at if you want to sell your handset.

With 'internal storage', everything's very simple. We accept the Huawei P8 16GB and 64GB - where higher 'storage' means a slightly better cash valuation!

Please note: At present, we do not accept accessories with your handset: such as cases, covers and screen protectors. We only accept the phone itself and any charging cables. If you send these additional items with your device, there's no increased cash valuation and we may not be able to return them to you. Should this be the case, we promise to dispose of any accessories in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


As soon as you accept our unbeatable valuation, you're just four steps away from the cash payment being transferred to your designated bank account.

Place your order. To place your order in our Buy Back Store, we only require a few personal details and a chosen bank account for the cash transfer.

Send your device. Within 24 hours of your order being placed, we send out our Welcome Pack. It includes everything you need to send your mobile phone back to us, including a Freepost Bag and packing instructions. Note: If you've placed an order that means you're sending more than two handsets, you'll need to ask for additional Freepost Bags!

Wait for us to check your order. As soon as your package arrives, we'll let you know. We'll then inspect your device and check whether the 'condition', 'network' etc. are as you indicated when placing your order. If there are any issues, we'll be in touch.

You get paid! Once everything's been checked and confirmed, you get paid the same day!

Can I sell my broken Huawei P8?

We often get asked whether we accept 'broken' handsets and if they can be traded-in for cash. The answer is that we accept 'broken' Huawei P8 devices with a range of common faults, defects and issues associated with damage. And many of these receive unbeatable valuations in our Buy Back Store.

To find out if your 'broken' handset qualifies for a cash payment, take a look at the criteria above. As long as your device meets the conditions for 'broken', we guarantee the best possible price for it!

Can I sell my damaged Huawei P8?

Again, it all depends on just how damaged your handset is. But in the unfortunate event that your Huawei P8 is damaged beyond repair (even for our experts), you can still recycle it with us for free! We're a trusted mobile phone recycler with over 20 years of experience in the industry. And because of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we operate a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Authorised Treatment Facility and are a registered recycling company with the Environmental Agency.

We never send electrical parts or devices to landfill and always promise to dispose of them in the most environmentally friendly way possible. So trust us to recycle your Huawei P8 both safely and responsibly.

If we can't be good for your pocket at The Big Phone Store, we'll always be good for the planet!