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Sell My HTC U11 Life

HTC U11 Life
How much is my HTC U11 Life worth?
We'll pay you: £21.99
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Trade In or Sell My HTC U11 Life

Sell my HTC U11 Life

Sell your HTC U11 Life for a great price today!

If you want to sell your HTC U11 Life, we've got the Buy Back Store for you. Unbeatable valuations, hassle-free trade-in and fast payment come as standard and we always look to pay a fair price for any device. So place an order and sell your smartphone!

The Big Phone Store has been committed to providing a quality service for over 20 years. Our team has decades of combined experience and knows everything there is to know about your HTC U11 Life. So sell your mobile phone with confidence for a great price today!

Is it even worth selling my HTC U11 Life?

Absolutely! Your HTC U11 Life may have been released 2017, but it's still packed with some superb features. It's got a Super LCD Display for optimal viewing, a 16 Megapixel Camera capable of capturing video in stunning 2160p and an incredible 670 hours of stand-by time!

And don't forget... Even 'older' phones can be sold for good prices. Any cash you make can then be put towards a new device or paying for the latest accessory. So sell your HTC U11 Life now - it'll never be worth more than it is today!

Where can I sell my old HTC U11 Life for cash?

You can sell your HTC U11 Life in a range of different ways. But the best option by far is using a buy back retailer. This is because unlike other selling options (e.g. private sale or using third-person marketplaces), you're guaranteed a cash price. You don't need a buyer - you just need to send your phone to us. As long as it's in the 'condition' you say it is, we'll pay you for it - every time!

So why choose The Big Phone Store?

Because we're rarely beaten on price. We know this because unlike other retailers (including Music Magpie and 4gadgets), we check buy back valuations throughout the day to ensure you're always getting the best possible deal for your HTC U11 Life

Put simply, The Big Phone Store is the place for unbeatable valuations. But we also pride ourselves on giving you the best possible customer care. And because of this, we're rated 'excellent' on Trustpilot and had positive write-ups on popular consumer websites like Money Saving Expert. This means you can use our Buy Back Store with confidence when selling your HTC U11 Life!

How much can I sell my used HTC U11 Life for?

It's really easy to get a valuation for your HTC U11 Life. All you need to do is fill out the valuation calculator at the top of this page. Tell us the 'condition', 'network' and 'quantity' of the device(s) you want to sell and we'll do everything else. Your valuation is instant and you can even use the calculator to compare differences in price between handsets with varying 'conditions' and 'networks'!

The 'condition' of your HTC U11 Life has the biggest say in its overall value. You'll need to classify your device as 'new', 'good', 'poor' or 'broken'. The criteria for these categories are above and on every product page across our Buy Back Store. Most of the time, handsets fall into the latter three categories. But if you still have a 'new' HTC U11 Life (in its 'original box' and 'ideally sealed'), you won't find a better price for it anywhere else!

With 'network', simply select the provider your HTC U11 Life is connected to. Choose from the list above (or highlight '?' if yours doesn't appear). You'll also see an 'unlocked' option. An 'unlocked' phone is one that isn't attached to a 'network' and able to connect to any provider. 'Unlocked' devices tend to command a higher cash valuation. So if your HTC U11 Life is still locked to a provider (e.g. EE), why not get it 'unlocked' and make more money. Just contact your provider or visit their website today!

Can I sell my HTC U11 Life with accessories?

At The Big Phone Store, we only need the handset and any charging cables in a buy back deal. This means that if you send accessories (e.g. cases or wireless headphones), they add no cash value to your order.

How easy is it to sell my HTC U11 Life to The Big Phone Store?

Get paid fast when you sell your HTC U11 Life to The Big Phone Store! Here's how easy it is to trade-in your handset:

  1. Place your order. Start by selecting the 'condition', 'network' and 'quantity' of the device(s) you want to sell in the valuation calculator above...

  2. Send your device. When you've placed your order, send your device to us as quickly as you can. We have a variety of great delivery options - all of them include free postage.

  3. We check your order. Once we receive your package, we'll send an email telling you it's arrived. We'll then inspect your HTC U11 Life and check whether the 'condition', etc. are as you selected.

  4. You get paid! As soon as the 'condition' of your HTC U11 Life is confirmed, our hard-working team processes your payment. It'll arrive in your chosen bank account the same day!

Can I sell my broken HTC U11 Life?

Our 'broken' criteria show that we accept a range of devices with 'faults, damage' and even those that don't 'work correctly'. They're designed to cover a wide range of common issues and defects - so there's still a great chance that your 'broken' HTC U11 Life will qualify for an unbeatable cash valuation at The Big Phone Store!

And if you're ever unsure, we recommend placing an order and selecting 'broken' in the valuation calculator. With our free delivery service, you won't pay a penny to see whether your HTC U11 Life meets our criteria for a 'broken' device. We promise to give it a fair, honest evaluation. And if your handset isn't broken or damaged beyond repair, we'll then give you a great price for it!