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HTC One A9
HTC One A9
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Sell My HTC One A9 | Get Paid More Now!

Sell my HTC One A9

Sell your HTC One A9 today!

Selling your HTC One A9 is really easy in our Buy Back Store. In just a few clicks, get a valuation and place your order. And with our fast payment service, get paid for your smartphone quicker than you do with any other retailer. Sell your One A9 now - you won't get a better deal for it than you will today!

The Big Phone Store has been buying and selling mobile phones for over 20 years. Our team is committed to providing the highest standards of customer care and are always available to help you with any aspect of the buy back process.

Is the HTC One A9 a good phone?

The HTC One A9 is considered an older handset these days. But that doesn't mean it hasn't still got some super features. Its 13 Megapixel Camera (1080p) is impressive and the lightweight 143 gram device looks good and feels great.

And being an older handset can actually work in your favour. Because of its 'age', the HTC One A9 is both affordable and competitively priced. It makes for either the perfect first smartphone or a really handy second / work device. So sell yours today!

Why sell an HTC One A9?

Here's three great reasons to sell your One A9:

Make money! Despite being released in 2015, the HTC One A9 still commands a solid buy back valuation. And this is money you can use to put towards a newer handset or the latest accessory for your current phone.

Get rid of your phone-clutter! Did you know that up to half of us have at least five unwanted handsets stuffed away in boxes, drawers and cupboards! So if that's you, sell your One A9 and take a significant step towards phone-clutter freedom today!

It's good for the environment! Every HTC One A9 sold to The Big Phone Store keeps it away from landfill. So whether we sell it on as a refurbished phone or recycle it if it's broken beyond repair, your decision to use our Buy Back Store is helping to protect the planet!

What are my options if I want to sell my used HTC One A9?

If you want cash for your HTC One A9, you've got a few options. For example, you could look to sell it privately, or even use a third-person marketplace like Amazon or eBay. These can both return good cash prices. But the problem is they require someone to actually want to buy your HTC One A9. In contrast, using a buy back retailer (like The Big Phone Store) guarantees a pay out for your handset. As long as your HTC is in the 'condition' you say it is, we'll pay you cash for it!

The Big Phone Store is never beaten on price. Even better, we're one of the only buy back retailers to check valuations throughout the day. This means you're getting the best, most up-to-date deal for your HTC One A9. And with our Price Match Promise, if you do find a better 'like for like' offer, we'll match it instantly!

We know you want to sell your One A9 to a trusted retailer, and that's exactly what The Big Phone Store is. We're not only rated 'excellent' on Trustpilot - we've also featured on consumer websites like Money Saving Expert and Expert Reviews. So sell your smartphone with confidence in our Buy Back Store now!

How much can I sell my old HTC One A9 for?

Get an instant valuation for your HTC One A9 by filling out the valuation calculator at the top of this page. You just need to tell us the 'condition', 'network' and 'quantity' of the device(s) you want to sell - that's it!

With 'condition', don't forget to look at our criteria above. They've been split into four categories: New, Good, Poor and Broken. Whatever 'condition' your HTC One A9 is in, you'll get an unbeatable price for it!

'Network' requires you to tell us the provider your HTC One A9 is connected to. Most phones in circulation are 'locked' to a provider - so simply select the 'network' from the list above or choose '?' if yours doesn't appear (e.g. BT, Sky Mobile). You may also have a 'unlocked' device. If so, highlight the 'unlocked' choice in the valuation calculator.

Can I sell an HTC One A9 with accessories?

If you have a phone case or wireless headphones, we currently don't accept them in our Buy Back Store. Such items add no value to your order and we may not be able to return them if sent with your HTC One A9. At The Big Phone Store, we only need the handset and any charging cables - nothing more!

How do I sell my HTC One A9 to The Big Phone Store?

It's really easy to sell us your HTC One A9! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Place your order. Start by filling out the valuation calculator above. Once you've done that, we only need a few bits of personal information and a chosen bank account for the fast cash transfer.

  2. Send your device. The sooner you do this, the quicker we can pay you for your HTC One A9. All our options come with free postage and minimal fuss!

  3. Wait for confirmation. We'll inspect your device as quickly as we can. If there's any issues with what you indicated in your order, we'll be in touch.

  4. Get paid! We promise to pay out for your HTC One A9 on the same day everything's been confirmed!

Can I sell my broken HTC One A9?

If you have a 'broken' HTC One A9, you might still be able to sell it in our Buy Back Store. We accept a wide range of devices with faults, issues and defects - so take a look at our 'broken' criteria to see if your One A9 qualifies for an unbeatable cash valuation.

And if your HTC is broken or damaged beyond repair, why not use our free recycling service and dispose of your device in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The Big Phone Store operates as a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Authorised Treatment Facility and we're fully registered with the Environmental Agency. So trust us to safely recycle your broken HTC One A9!

Contact us

We hope we've managed to answer any questions you might have about our Buy Back Store or selling your HTC One A9. But if not, just ask one of our brilliant team - you can contact us in the following ways:

  • Use the chat function on our website.

  • Call 0800 888 6497.

  • Direct message us via our Facebook page.