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Sell My Blackberry KEY2 LE

Blackberry KEY2 LE
How much is my Blackberry KEY2 LE worth?
We'll pay you: £168.55
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Trade In or Sell My Blackberry KEY2 LE

Sell my Blackberry KEY2 LE

Sell your Blackberry KEY2 LE today!

Your Blackberry KEY2 LE (64GB) will never have a higher value than it does today... So sell it for a great price in our Buy Back Store. With hassle-free trade-in and unbeatable valuations, place your order and get a fast cash payment for your phone!

The Big Phone Store has been buying and selling phones since 1999 and we're always looking to pay a fair price for your device. Our team has decades of combined experience and knows everything there is to know about your Blackberry KEY2 LE (64GB) - so sell it to us now!

Is my Blackberry KEY2 LE (64GB) worth selling?

Absolutely! The Blackberry KEY2 LE is a handset in high demand. The 'go-to' choice for businesses and working professionals across the world, Blackberry have a reputation for innovative design and a quality product.

The KEY2 LE has been a bestseller since its release in 2018. It has an impressive 13 Megapixel Camera capable of capturing photos and video in stunning 2160p, an IPS LCD Display and Blackberry's iconic 'QWERTY' keyboard for fast typing that makes work and play easier than ever.

Where can I sell my used Blackberry KEY2 LE (64GB)?

Unsurprisingly, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selling your Blackberry KEY2 LE (64GB). And while selling it privately or on a third-party marketplace (like Amazon) is definitely an option, we think you should choose our Buy Back Store!

Why? Because The Big Phone Store is rarely beaten on price. Unlike other retailers, we check and monitor valuations throughout the day to ensure the best possible deal for your Blackberry KEY2 LE. Even better, we always pay out in cash and promise to never tempt you with 'store credit' offers that force you to spend any money you make with us. In our Buy Back Store, it's simple and straightforward - fast cash payments and no restrictions on when, where or how you spend what your Blackberry's worth!

The Big Phone Store is rated 'excellent' on Trustpilot and we've also featured on both Money Saving Expert and in Expert Reviews. We know you want to use a trusted retailer who provides honest valuations and hassle-free trade-in - so choose our Buy Back Store and sell your Blackberry KEY2 LE (64GB) today!

How much can I sell a Blackberry KEY2 LE (64GB) for?

It's easier than ever to get a valuation for your Blackberry KEY2 LE. At the top of this page, you'll find our valuation calculator. Simply tell us the 'condition', 'network' and 'quantity' of the device(s) you want to sell and we'll do the rest!

With 'condition', take a look at our criteria above. You'll see they've been split into four categories: New, Good, Poor and Broken. As a general rule, we expect a handset in a 'good condition' to be in 'full working order' and have no external scratches, scuffs or other markings on the casing and screen ('light wear and tear' is acceptable).

You'll also need to tell us whether your Blackberry KEY2 LE is connected to a 'network'. Simply select a provider from the list above (or choose '?' if yours doesn't appear). If your device is 'unlocked', you'll usually get a higher trade-in valuation - so we always recommend contacting your provider or visiting their website to check the 'network status' of your Blackberry before selling. 'Unlocking' a 'locked' handset is really easy and often means more money!

Can I sell my Blackberry KEY2 LE (64GB) with accessories?

We currently don't accept additional accessories with buy back orders - this includes cases, covers, screen protectors, wireless chargers or headphones. We only require the handset itself and any charging cables. If you send accessories or other 'supplementary' items with your Blackberry KEY2 LE, we may not be able to return them.

Should I fix a damaged screen before selling my Blackberry KEY2 LE?

This is tricky to answer. The best advice we can give is to get a quote for screen repairs from the wide range of options available both online and across the High Street. Once you have a idea of what it could cost to fix your damaged screen, you can then use our valuation calculator to work out the difference between a 'good', 'poor' and 'broken' handset.

In many cases, screen repairs cost hundreds of pounds and you're simply better off trading-in your device as 'broken'. But sometimes, you can actually make money by fixing a damaged screen first - so it's always worth checking before you sell!

How do I sell my Blackberry KEY2 LE (64GB)?

Selling your Blackberry KEY2 LE has never been easier! Here's how our Buy Back Store works:

  1. Get your valuation and place your order. Using the valuation calculator, get an instant quote for your Blackberry. Then provide us with a few personal details and choose a bank account for the fast cash transfer.

  2. Send your device. The sooner you send your phone, the sooner you'll get paid. Either post your device in the Freepost Bag from your Welcome Pack, or choose the 'print own label' option and send your handset in your own packaging. Postage is always free!

  3. Wait for checks and confirmation. As soon as we can, we'll inspect your device and check whether the 'condition', etc. are as you indicated in your order.

  4. You get paid! Expect the cash payment to be transferred to your chosen bank account the same day we confirm your order's been checked!

Can I sell my broken Blackberry KEY2 LE (64GB)?

You may be surprised by how many 'broken' Blackberry KEY2 LE handsets we've accepted and paid out cash for. Our 'broken' criteria (above) are designed to cover a wide range of common faults, defects and issues associated with damage, so there's always a good chance your device will qualify for an unbeatable trade-in valuation.

Why sell your Blackberry KEY2 LE (64GB) to us?

Fast payment! We aim to pay out for your device as quickly as possible - often just a few days after placing your order!

Unrivalled service! We're rated 'excellent' on Trustpilot for a reason... So use a trusted retailer and sell us your Blackberry KEY2 LE (64GB) today!