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ᐅ New LG 43” Smart Televisions

Buy a LG 43 Inch Smart TV Today! 

Are Smart TV’s worth it? 

We all love sitting down to catch up on our favourite TV shows and films, but if you’re a Netflix binger or Amazon Prime fanatic, you may find yourself settling and watching content on a small screen such as laptops and computers – or even your phone screen. If this is the case, a Smart TV will completely transform how you stream your shows and films of choice. These TV’s do it all for you – with apps such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, Spotify and more, you have TV and apps in one place as well as online streaming and much more. 

Which Brand is best for a smart TV? 

There are many great TV’s out there on the market, and TV’s seem to be getting bigger and better every year. However, our current favourite choice for a Smart TV is any of LG’s smart models. Not only are LG fantastic value for money compared to competitors, but they offer outstanding quality and technology. They have high quality HD displays, modern designs that look stylish in any household, and are the ideal choice for a smart TV. 

Why should you opt for a 43” Smart Television?

Smart televisions, also known as ‘connected TV’s’  have been revolutionary for home entertainment systems.. These 43” televisions have bought a whole new realm of possibilities due to the fact that they can connect to your wifi and essentially provide you with apps, web browsing and much more all in one place, as well as the channels already on your 43” television. But the 43 inch size speaks for itself. It achieves vast and wide viewing from wherever you are sat in the room, and the large screen size means your chosen film or programme will look better than you have ever seen it before, especially with 4K and HD Displays. The 43 inch size is also very practical - which is especially ideal if you like to change your mind and want to move the TV around your home. 

What are the features of an LG 43” Smart Television

Perhaps the best feature of this TV is the WebOS which enables a large range of apps that can be enjoyed. With Netflix, BBC iplayer, Amazon Prime, 4OD, youtube, now TV and many more, you have everything you need in one easy place. This is as well as web browsing and other fantastic features - this TV really has everything you need. 

Freeview Play means you never have to miss out on shows again. Keep your 43” television connected to the internet and watch shows that you missed from the last 7 days over a massive range of channels for more flexible entertainment that fits around a busy lifestyle. 

Amazing Picture Quality with HD Resolution and Dynamic Colour Enhancer for bright and rich visuals that bring a whole new viewing experience. Active HDR gives seamless quality across the board. 

Immersive viewing with Virtual Surround Sound Plus. Premium speakers embedded into your TV that improve your listening experience from all angles, and Dolby Audio gives a cinema - like experience. 

With a Sleek and Slim Metallic Design, this 43’’ TV is spot on for slotting into your house or workplace. Designed with a metallic wrap for robust yet stunning design, the possibilities with this are endless. It would fit effortlessly into kitchens, home offices, childrens bedrooms or playrooms, rental properties, conservatories, motor homes, holiday homes and motorboat homes. 

43 Inch Screen Size. Perfect screen size for slotting into any room for a clutter free and no fuss effect, but big enough to get the full effect of what you are viewing. 

The handy and practical Two Pole Stand means this product is versatile and has an easy set up so you can get straight down to enjoying entertainment without having to worry about a stressful set up. 

Why an LG Smart 43” TV is the right choice for you…

It is undeniable that LG excel in the production of their 43” televisions, and the features of this LG product almost advertise themselves. If you want a complete viewing experience with excellent picture and sound quality, without a stressful setup process, then this device is the right choice for you. Browse the web, watch netflix, amazon prime and a wealth of other apps all in one easy place. This product slots perfectly into any household or workplace - and has endless fantastic features. 

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