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ᐅ New LG 32” Regular Televisions

Buy a Freeview HD Ready LED LG 32 Inch TV Today!

Who are LG? 

LG is arguably the most popular and reputable technology company in the world, and is considered to be at the forefront of electronic sales, with a massive range of consumer goods available. Competing with the likes of Apple, Sony and Samsung, LG is one of the most long standing and reliable companies that has helped bring the world into the modern technology era that we are in presently. With their variety of product lines ranging from corporate technology solutions, home appliances, mobile communications and home entertainment, LG are constantly proving that their technology gets better and better with this 32in TV.

LG are so successful in what they do that their products almost speak for themselves. Their introduction into smartphone releases saw the first capacitive touchscreen release, as well as their curved screen technology seen in the LG G Flex phone, are among the hundreds of reasons why LG are so widely known and valued. Their TV’s are no exception, with their OLED Displays deemed the best for colour and picture, it is an easy choice to opt for an LG TV. 

What are the features of an LG 32 Inch Freeview HD Ready LED TV? 

Whilst LG have a large range of outstanding TV’s, this LG Smart TV is the ideal addition to any household or workplace. With a practical screen size, sleek design, handy two pole stand and perfect picture quality, this TV is perfectly diverse and multi functional. This light yet sturdy model is easy to set up and have a massive range of fantastic features:

  • Virtual Surround Sound. If you want immersive viewing, surround your senses with sound from all angles. 

  • Clear Voice. For viewing without distraction, clear voice separates voices from background noise, which provides a clear listening experience.

  • Sleek Metallic Design. Perfect for your home, this design has been expertly  manufactured with metallic material wrapped around the television to provide robust yet cutting edge construction. This is ideal for kitchens, home offices, childrens’ bedrooms and playrooms, rental properties and conservatories, and even boats, holiday homes and caravans. 

  • Built in Games. This feature is perfect to keep the children occupied - enjoy 3 built in games and free with LG GAME TV. 

  • Two Pole Stand. For practical and secure placement in any room. 

  • Picture Wizard Settings. Achieve the right picture for what you're watching without the problem of making individual setting adjustments with picture wizard, which allows you to easily amend picture elements such as sharpness, backlight, black level, colour and tint. 

  • 32 Inch Screen Size. Perfect screen size for slotting into any room for a clutter free and no fuss effect. 

  • Multiple Inputs so you can connect your HDMI or USB and enjoy entertainment from other devices. 

Why should you buy an LG 32 Inch Freeview HD Ready LED TV?

The quality and technology that goes into the 32 inch Freeview HD TVs is incomparable  to other brands.  Whilst LG are successful in all of their product lines and individual markets, it cannot be denied that their most successful products are their TV’s. This TV is perfect if you want to update the technology in your home and experience better sound and picture quality and also have a practical solution for your household. Furthermore, if sustainability is important in your buying decisions, LG are well known for their sustainability pledges. Whilst other electronic companies do not prioritise their environmental impact  in their business ventures, LG is well ranked with the likes of GreenPeace and pledge to ensure a Greener use of electronics - which is another reason why this 32 Inch TV Freeview HD set should be the purchase you make today. 

How much is a 32 Inch LG Freeview LED TV?

These 32 inch TVs are excellent value for money compared to others in its category, and perfect if you want viewing on a budget whilst also receiving high quality picture, sounds and a massive amount of outstanding features. Whilst prices are subject to change, prices starting at around £150 make this the TV purchase that won’t break the bank. 

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