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Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold
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Sell My Samsung Galaxy Fold | Get Paid More Now!

Sell my Samsung Galaxy Fold

A great trade-in deal for your Samsung Galaxy Fold!

Got an unwanted Samsung Galaxy Fold to sell? Looking for an unbeatable valuation, as well as quick and easy trade-in? Well you're definitely in the right place!

Since 1999, The Big Phone Store has provided its customers with a knowledgeable, helpful service and we are always looking to buy back your old mobile phone for a fair price. So place your order, send your smartphone and earn cash today!

All about our Buy Back store

We want to make buying back your Samsung Galaxy Fold as straightforward as possible. So here's some of the most frequently asked questions:

  • Why sell your Samsung Galaxy Fold?

  • How much is my handset worth?

  • How easy is it to sell my device to The Big Phone Store?

  • How do I wipe the data from my Samsung Galaxy Fold?

  • What about selling a broken phone?

  • Should I recycle my Samsung Galaxy Fold?

First things first, why sell your handset? We can think of at least three great reasons:

Earn some quick cash!

We know you want to get paid fast for your Samsung Galaxy Fold. So we aim to have the money for your device transferred to your chosen bank account after just a few days. And remember too... At The Big Phone Store, we're never beaten on price. Our Price Match Promise means you can be confident there isn't a better deal anywhere else!

Give your old phone a new lease of life!

Millions of used handsets lay dormant in draws, cupboards and boxes all over the world! So sell yours today and give it a new lease of life.

Protect the environment!

Despite more recycling options for unwanted mobile phones than ever before, too many are still sent to landfill each year. So join us and make sure you recycle your old / used devices. We promise to dispose of anything beyond repair in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

How much can I sell my Samsung Galaxy Fold for?

This is a question we get asked a lot! And our handy valuation calculator (above) is here to provide the answer. Simply tell us the 'condition', 'network' and 'quantity' of the handset(s) you want to sell and get an instant valuation!


Get paid fast for your Samsung Galaxy Fold at The Big Phone Store! Here's how our hassle-free trade-in process works:

  1. Place your order. Just fill in the valuation calculator, choose a designated bank account and provide us with a few important personal details we'll need to process the sale of your Samsung Galaxy Fold.

  2. Send your phone. We'll send a Welcome Pack (usually within 24 hours of any order being placed). It contains everything you need to post your smartphone back to us, including a Freepost Bag and packing instructions.

  3. We check your order. As soon as your device arrives, we'll email you. We then check whether the 'network', 'storage' and 'condition' are as you indicated.

  4. You get paid! As soon as everything's confirmed, we immediately process the payment to your chosen bank account!

Factory Reset

We highly recommend completing a Factory Reset before selling your Samsung Galaxy Fold. This just returns your device to its Factory Settings and wipes any personal data. Here's our handy guide:

Before proceeding, make sure you have at least 50% battery - if not, connect your Samsung Galaxy Fold to a power source. A Factory Reset also cannot be undone and you'll permanently lose any data. Always ensure personal data you want to keep is either backed up or transferred to another device.

  1. Switch off your phone.

  2. Press and hold the 'Volume Up''Home' and 'Power' buttons at the same time. Only release them when the Recovery Mode screen appears (this could take up to 30 seconds).

  3. Using the 'Volume' buttons to navigate the menu and the 'Power' button to select, find and choose 'Wipe Data / Factory Reset'.

  4. Then find and select 'Yes – Delete All User Data'. If prompted, select 'Yes' to confirm - this process might take several minutes to complete.

  5. After this, select 'Reboot System Now' and your device will restart in its original Factory State.

Broken / damaged devices

We often get asked about broken / damaged devices and their potential cash value. Basically, you can sell your broken Samsung Galaxy Fold to The Big Phone Store, even if not all 'broken' handsets can be traded-in for cash. The best thing to do is check our criteria for 'broken' devices (see above). If your smartphone meets these conditions (many do), we guarantee the best possible price for it!

Recycling with The Big Phone Store

If your Samsung Galaxy Fold is broken or damaged beyond repair, you can still recycle it with us for free! We're rightly proud of our expertise, knowledge and understanding of the mobile phone recycling sector and have been responsibly disposing of devices and parts for over 20 years.

At The Big Phone Store, we never send anything electrical to landfill and always adhere to guidance found in the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, the Environmental Protection Act (1990) and Hazardous Waste Regulations (2005).

Any questions?

If you still have a question about how our Buy Back store works, don't worry. Just ask one of the team. You can send us a direct message on Facebook, call on 0800 888 6497 or use the chat function on the website. We're always happy to help!