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Motorola Nexus 6
Motorola Nexus 6
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Trade In or Sell My Motorola Nexus 6

Sell my Motorola Nexus 6

Sell your used Motorola Nexus 6 in an amazing buy back deal today!

If you've got a Motorola Nexus 6 to sell, you're definitely in the right place. At The Big Phone Store, we specialise in hassle-free trade-in and fast cash payments. And in our buy back store, we provide the best possible valuations and free postage on all orders. So place an order today - your Motorola will never be worth as much as it is now!

The Big Phone Store is based in Wolverhampton. We've been all about unbeatable cash valuations for many years... and we're not about to stop. Our team is here to help at every stage of your buy back journey. No question is too much trouble - so get in touch if you need us.

Is the Motorola Nexus 6 still a good phone?

The Motorola Nexus 6 might be considered an 'older handset' these days - but it still has lots to offer and would make an excellent first phone or a superb second / work device. Despite being released in 2014, it boasts a 5.96" AMOLED Display, a 13 Megapixel Camera (including 4K video recording) and up to 330 hours of stand-by time on a single charge. Put simply, your phone is a great device and currently has an excellent valuation - so sell it today!

Is the Motorola Nexus 6 still supported?

The Motorola Nexus 6 has been discontinued. That means it isn't supported by Motorola when it comes to software updates and development. But that doesn't mean you won't still get a superb valuation for it at The Big Phone Store. Because the Nexus 6 is a slightly older handset, one of its real strengths is its affordability. So sell yours for an unbeatable valuation in our buy back store.

How much can I sell my old Motorola Nexus 6 for?

The price we pay for your Motorola Nexus 6 depends on a few factors - most important are 'condition', 'network', 'internal storage' and 'quantity'. If you scroll to the top of this page, you'll find our unique valuation calculator. Just fill out the key information to get an instant valuation for your Nexus 6.

The 'condition' of your Motorola has a big say in how much cash you'll get for it. We've split our 'condition' criteria into just four categories: New, Good, Poor and Broken. If you have a 'new' Motorola, it needs to be in its 'original box' and 'ideally' sealed. With handsets in 'good' condition, your phone will need to have 'no faults' and be 'fully working', as well as have an LCD screen with 'no signs of discolouration, screen burn or missing pixels'. You can find comprehensive details for each category above - and if you require further information, see our Terms and Conditions.

The 'network' your Motorola is 'locked' to also has a say in its valuation at The Big Phone Store. We accept handsets connected to any provider - including Vodafone, EE and Virgin Mobile. If you don't see the provider you use in the list above, select '?'. We highly recommend getting your Motorola 'unlocked' because it'll usually be worth more when it comes to trade-in. To do this, contact your provider or visit their website - they'll have all the information and instructions you need.

Another thing we need to know is 'internal storage'. We accept either the Nexus 6 32GB or 64GB - the bigger capacity tends to mean a higher valuation!

How do I sell my used Motorola Nexus 6 to The Big Phone Store?

Your unbeatable valuation and fast cash payment is just a few clicks away! So follow these four simple steps to get paid for your Motorola Nexus 6:

  1. Get your valuation and place your order. In just a few clicks, get an instant quote for your Motorola. After that, it's just a matter of giving us a few personal details and choosing a bank account for the fast cash transfer.

  2. Send your device. The sooner you send your device, the sooner you get paid. And with our great range of delivery options, sending your Nexus 6 is super straightforward.

  3. Wait for us to check your order. As soon as your order arrives, we'll let you know (via email). We'll then inspect your device and see whether the 'condition', etc. are as you initially indicated.

  4. Get paid! We're all about fast cash payments at The Big Phone Store. So expect the payment to reach your bank account on the same day everything's confirmed!

Should I perform a Factory Reset before selling my Motorola Nexus 6?

Performing a Factory Reset before selling your mobile phone is always a good idea. A Factory Reset basically restores your Motorola to its factory state and removes any personal data. Don't forget to ensure that any data you want to keep (e.g. photos, videos) are transferred to another device before you perform a Factory Reset. Then follow our easy guide below:

  1. Power down the device. Ensure that you have at least 50% battery before doing so.

  2. Press and hold the 'Volume Down' button. Then press and hold the 'Power' button at the same time. After a few seconds, the phone will turn on.

  3. Using the 'Volume' buttons to navigate the menu and the 'Power' button to select, choose 'Recovery Mode'. At this point, you'll see an Android robot and a red exclamation mark (!) appear on the display.

  4. Hold down the 'Power' button. While doing this, press and release the 'Volume up' button. Once you do this, the 'Android System Recovery' menu is displayed.

  5. Use the 'Volume' buttons to scroll to 'Wipe Data / Factory Reset'. Use the 'Power' button to select it.

  6. Scroll to 'Yes - Erase all user data'. Again, press the 'Power' button to select it. This completes the process. When you restart your phone, it will have returned to its Factory State.

Sell your broken Motorola Nexus 6!

Selling your broken Motorola Nexus 6 is always possible at The Big Phone Store. Our 'broken' criteria have been designed to cover a wide range of common defects, mechanical faults and issues with damage. So take a look and see if your Motorola qualifies for an unbeatable cash valuation. And don't forget... If you're ever unsure, just place an order and send us your 'broken' phone. We'll give it thorough check over and let you know if it's classed as a 'broken' handset. If it is, the cash payment will be transferred to your chosen account on the same day. If it isn't, you can always let us recycle it for free on your behalf. The Big Phone Store has been responsibly recycling mobile phones for many years and we proudly operate as a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Authorised Treatment Facility.