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LG K8 2016
LG K8 2016
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Trade In or Sell My LG K8 2016

Sell my LG K8 (2016)

If you have an LG K8 (2016) to sell, you've come to the right place. Whether you've got a phone in 'good' condition or even one that's 'broken', we've got unbeatable valuations and hassle-free trade-in across our Buy Back Store. So what are you waiting for - place an order and get yourself a fast cash payment. The Big Phone Store has been buying and selling mobile phones for over 20 years. Our team has decades of combined experience and knows everything there is to know about your LG K8 (2016). So sell your smartphone for a great price now - your device will never be more valuable than it is today!

Why sell your LG K8 (2016)?

There are plenty of great reasons to sell your smartphone. The first is that your LG K8 (2016) is in high demand. It's an affordable handset that's packed with great features - including an IPS LCD Display and a still impressive 8 Megapixel Camera. And although your K8 (2016) is considered an 'older phone' these days, it continues to command a solid buy back valuation. Another reason to sell is that you'll be ridding yourself of phone-clutter. Most of us have at least two unwanted handsets stuffed away in boxes, cupboards and drawers at home - so sell your K8 (2016) and take a significant step towards phone-clutter freedom today!

Where can I sell my used LG K8 (2016)?

When it comes to selling your LG K8 (2016), you won't be short of options. But the best choice (by far) is to sell it to a buy back retailer like The Big Phone Store. That's because we guarantee to pay out for your device. So unlike using Amazon's marketplace, for example, you won't need someone to actually want to buy your phone. You'll just get a great cash price for your LG K8 (2016) - every time! The Big Phone Store is never beaten on price. We know this because we monitor valuations throughout the day to ensure the best possible deals in our Buy Back Store. We're rated 'excellent' on Trustpilot and have also featured on award-winning consumer website Money Saving Expert. So use The Big Phone Store with confidence, knowing that you're working with a trusted retailer.

How much is my LG K8 (2016) worth?

To get a valuation for your LG K8 (2016), start by filling out the valuation calculator at the top of this page. It's been designed to get a quick quote for your device and allow you to quickly compare differences in valuation. You only need to tell us the 'condition', 'network', 'internal storage' and 'quantity' of the handset(s) you want to sell!

Starting with 'condition', choose between 'new', 'good', 'poor' and 'broken'. Our comprehensive and easy-to-use criteria can be found above. You'll then need to tell us the 'network status' of your LG K8 (2016). Select from the list above, or highlight '?' if your provider doesn't appear (e.g. BT, Sky Mobile'). There's also the option for an 'unlocked' device - to check whether your K8 (2016) is 'unlocked', simply contact your provider or visit their website.

Can I sell my broken LG K8 (2016)?

If you have a 'broken' LG K8 (2016), don't despair... Because you might still be able to sell it to The Big Phone Store. Our 'broken' criteria are above and cover a wide range of common faults, issues associated with damage and electronic defects. So as long as your LG K8 (2016) meets these conditions (many do), we'll guarantee the best possible price for it in our Buy Back Store!

How do I sell an LG K8 (2016) to The Big Phone Store?

Get paid fast when selling your LG K8 (2016) to The Big Phone Store! Here's how our hassle-free trade-in service works:

  1. Place your order. Start by filling out the valuation calculator. You'll then have to give us a few personal details, choose your delivery option (see below) and select a bank account for the fast cash transfer.

  2. Send us your device. We have a superb range of delivery options. Every one of them comes with free postage and complete peace of mind. And remember... The sooner you send us your LG K8 (2016), the sooner we can pay you for it!

  3. Wait for us to check your order. We'll check your order as soon as we possibly can. Once we have, we'll let you know (via email).

  4. Get paid! You'll get paid the same day everything's been checked and confirmed!