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Trade In or Sell My LG G2

Sell my LG G2

Sell your LG G2 for a great price!

If you're looking to sell your LG G2, use our Buy Back Store. Whatever the condition of your device, we have unbeatable valuations and hassle-free trade-in that guarantees a fast payment every time. So place an order and sell your smartphone for a great price!

The Big Phone Store is based in Wolverhampton and has been an industry leader since 1999. Our trademark trade-in process is both easy to use and designed to help you sell your LG G2 fast. We're always looking to pay a fair price and selling your smartphone has never been easier - so get a fast cash payment for your LG G2 today!

Is the LG G2 a good phone?

The LG G2 was first released in 2013. And although it's considered an older handset these days, you can still get a solid buy back valuation for it. Money that can then be used to help buy a new phone or pay for the latest accessory.

Complete with LG's trademark design and brilliant functionality, the G2 has great features that make it either the perfect first smartphone or a superb second / work device. The 13 Megapixel Camera (1080p) is impressive, while the True HD-IPS Display allows for crystal clear use. Your LG G2 is definitely in high demand - so sell yours today!

Where can I sell my used LG G2 for cash?

We think you should sell your LG G2 to The Big Phone Store! That's because you're guaranteed a cash price for your handset and you'll avoid any annoying selling fees. So unlike using a third-party marketplace like Amazon or eBay, you'll get every penny of the value of your LG G2!

The Big Phone Store is never beaten on price. No other buy back retailer checks valuations as much as we do. We assess prices throughout the day to ensure the best possible deals in our Buy Back Store.

You'll never see us try to tempt you with higher 'store credit' offers and all their restrictions on when, where and how you can spend the value of your LG G2. Instead, The Big Phone Store just provides unbeatable cash prices and lets you use the money you make in whatever way you like!

We know you want to use a trusted retailer and sell your LG G2 with confidence. The Big Phone Store is rated 'excellent' on Trustpilot and has hundreds of positive reviews from many satisfied customers. We believe in fair prices and an honest evaluation of your handset's condition. So sell your phone and make money today - nowhere else does it better!

How much can I sell my LG G2 for?

It's really easy to get a valuation in our Buy Back Store. Above, you'll find a unique calculator for your LG G2. Just tell us the 'condition', 'network' and 'quantity' of the device(s) you want to sell. You can also use the calculator to quickly compare differences in valuation between phones with varying 'conditions' and 'networks'!

The 'condition' of your LG G2 has the biggest say in how much it's worth. You'll find our 'condition' criteria above - and on every product page across our Buy Back Store. They've been split into just four categories: New, Good, Poor and Broken. A handset in 'good condition' will be in 'full working order (no faults)', have 'no damage, scratches, defects, chips, marks or imperfections (aside from 'light wear and tear') and have 'good battery health'. And if you have 'new' LG G2, you won't find a better price for it anywhere else - a 'new' device must be in its 'original box' and 'ideally sealed'!

You'll then need to tell us which 'network' your LG G2 is connected to. Simply select from the list in the calculator above, or choose '?' if yours doesn't appear (e.g. BT, Sky Mobile). And if your device is 'unlocked', there's a choice for that too. 'Unlocked' handsets are basically those that are no longer 'locked' to a provider. To get your LG G2 'unlocked', just contact your provider or visit their website. It's an easy, straightforward process that normally means a higher cash valuation - so what's not to like!

Can I sell my broken LG G2?

You can sell your broken LG G2 to The Big Phone Store. But unfortunately, not every 'broken' handset can be traded-in for cash. Our 'broken' criteria are designed to cover a wide range of common faults, defects and issues associated with damage - so take a look at them to see whether your LG G2 qualifies for an unbeatable buy back valuation today!

How do I sell my LG G2 to The Big Phone Store?

Selling your LG G2 to The Big Phone Store has never been easier! Just follow these simple steps to get a fast cash payment for your device:

  1. Place your order. Placing an order in our Buy Back Store is really straightforward. Start by filling out the valuation calculator above...

  2. Send us your device. With our great range of delivery options, sending your device is very easy. They all include free postage - so choose the one that suits you best when placing your order!

  3. Wait for checks and confirmation. We'll check your LG G2 as quickly as we possibly can. As soon as we have, we'll let you know (via email).

  4. Get paid! No-one pays out for a mobile phone as fast as we do. The cash value of your LG G2 will be transferred to your chosen bank account the same day everything's been confirmed!

Can I recycle my LG G2 if it's broken or damaged beyond repair?

Yes. At The Big Phone Store, we urge you to take advantage of our free recycling service if you have an LG G2 that's broken or damaged beyond repair. We never send electrical items (or their parts) to landfill and promise to dispose of any mobile phone to the highest of environmental standards.

The Big Phone Store has been a responsible recycler for many years and operates as a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Authorised Treatment Facility. We're also fully registered with the Environmental Agency - so you can definitely trust us to safely recycle your broken / damaged LG G2!

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We hope we've managed to answer any questions you might have about our Buy Back Store. But if you still want to ask us something, get in touch with one of our helpful team today.