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LG G Flex 2
LG G Flex 2
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Trade In or Sell My LG G Flex 2

Sell my LG G Flex 2

Sell your LG G Flex 2 for an unbeatable price today!

Do you want to sell your used LG G Flex 2? Looking for an unbeatable price and trade-in that's both easy to use and hassle-free? Well look no further than our Buy Back Store. We've got a great deal for your LG G Flex 2 - whether it's 'brand new', in 'good' condition or even 'broken'!

The Big Phone Store has been buying and selling mobile phones for over 20 years. Our team has decades of combined experience and are always looking to pay a fair price for your device. So use a trusted retailer and place your order now - your LG G Flex 2 will never be worth more than it is today!

Why is the LG G Flex 2 such a good phone?

The LG G Flex 2 is a great smartphone. It was first released in 2015 and is packed with superb features that make the perfect handset to both own and use. It has a powerful Qualcomm Chipset, a stunning 13 Megapixel Camera (2160p) and a stylish Curved P-OLED Display. Because of this (and much more), it's a popular handset in high demand - so sell yours for an unbeatable price in our Buy Back Store today!

Where can I sell my used LG G Flex 2 for cash?

You can sell your G Flex 2 in a variety of ways. Selling privately is always an option, as is using a third-party marketplace (such as Amazon or eBay). But we think you should choose a buy back retailer - and not just because we are one... The best thing about using a buy back retailer is you don't need a buyer. So unlike selling on Amazon, for example, you're not waiting for someone to actually decide to buy your LG G Flex 2. A buy back retailer simply guarantees to pay an agreed price - as long as you phone's in the 'condition' you say it is!

And of all the buy back retailers to choose from, choose The Big Phone Store! Why? Because we're one of the only retailers to check valuations throughout the day to ensure the best possible deal for your LG G Flex 2. Even better, we always pay out in cash and don't ever charge selling fees. So enjoy spending the full value of your device whenever, wherever and however you like!

The Big Phone Store is rated 'excellent' on Trustpilot and has hundreds of 5* reviews from happy, satisfied customers. We've also featured on Expert Reviews and appeared in national newspapers including The Daily Mirror. So use a Buy Back Store you can trust and sell your G Flex 2 with confidence!

How much can I sell my old LG G Flex 2 for?

Like every aspect of our Buy Back Store, getting a valuation is both quick and easy. Just scroll to the top of the page. Here, you'll find a unique valuation calculator for your LG G Flex 2. Simply fill out the 'condition', 'network', 'internal storage' and 'quantity' of the device(s) you want to sell and we'll give you an instant quote for your order!

First up, there's 'condition'. You'll need to tell us whether your LG G Flex 2 is either 'new', 'good', 'poor' or 'broken'. Our 'condition' criteria can be found above and there's further information in our full Terms and Conditions. Your phone's 'condition' almost always has the biggest say in its overall value.

Then you'll need to select the 'network' your LG G Flex 2 is 'locked' to. There's a selection to choose from in the calculator above (just highlight '?' if your provider doesn't appear). You'll also see an option for 'unlocked' devices. Choose this only if your G Flex 2 is no longer connected to a provider. You can get your phone 'unlocked' very easily. Just contact your provider or visit their website. It's a straightforward process that usually means a higher cash valuation - so what's not to like!

How do I sell my LG G Flex 2 to The Big Phone Store?

Get the cash value of your LG G Flex 2 fast with The Big Phone Store! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Place your order. Scroll up to start your order. Then fill out the valuation calculator and tell us the 'condition', 'network', 'internal storage' and 'quantity' of the device(s) you want to sell.

  2. Send us your device. We've got a superb range of delivery choices. They include a courier service and 'print own label' options. Whichever you choose, postage is always free!

  3. Wait for us to check your order. As soon as we possibly can, we'll check your LG G Flex 2 and see whether the 'condition', etc. are as you initially indicated. If there's any issues, we'll be in touch.

  4. Get paid! We pay out fast for your G Flex 2. So expect the cash to be in your bank account the same day we confirm the 'condition' of your order!

Can I sell my broken LG G Flex 2?

Absolutely! But we cannot guarantee that every 'broken' LG G Flex 2 can be traded-in for cash. To find out if your handset qualifies for an unbeatable valuation, take a look at our 'broken' criteria (above). They've been designed to cover a wide range of common faults and defects - so there's always a good chance of making money for your 'broken' G Flex 2 in our Buy Back Store!

And if your LG G Flex 2 is broken (or damaged) beyond repair, you can always recycle it with us for free! Our service is here to help you dispose of your mobile phone safely and do your bit for the planet at the same time. The Big Phone Store operates as a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Authorised Treatment Facility and we're fully registered with the Environmental Agency. We never send electrical items (or their parts) to landfill and promise to always responsibly recycle your LG G Flex 2!

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No question is too much for our helpful team. So if you need to know anything about selling your LG G Flex 2, get in touch.