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Features of the Samsung Gear S SM-R750?

  • Tizen 2.3 Operating System which provides great and fast performance with limited lagging.

  • SIM card slot which allows this watch to transform into a second phone that is easy to use and ready on your wrist for whenever you need it.

  • Bluetooth connectivity that easily syncs to your phone and allows all your data to be passed across and notifications to be shared on your wrist.

  • Waterproof and dust proof with a rating of IP67, so it can last for 30 minutes in water of up to a metre in depth. This is great if you have an active lifestyle and are prone to accidental splashes throughout the day, or if you like exercising outside and want protection from the rain and other elements.

  • Curved screen that is easy to view and offers for fantastic and endless viewing.

  • Super AMOLED 2 inch screen with capacitive multi-touch technology that is responsive and offers high quality sharp colors that are easy to view.

  • Gorilla Glass 3 display that is shielded from scratches and general wear and tear.

  • SMS messaging and email are supported, with a speakerphone for calls, voice dialing, recording and voice commands.

  • GPS tracking which is great for fitness and outdoors exercises.

  • For fitness tracking this watch does everything you could need. With heart rate and accelerometer tracking, this watch knows when you are moving around and changing activities, whether it be walking, running or sitting down, as well as the calories you are burning. GPS tracking lets you measure your distance and set goals to improve for next time. The Samsung Health app also acts as a hub for all your fitness and lifestyle tracking needs - it stores all your fitness information in one place so you can easily see your data and start tracking your progress.

  • S-Voice allows you to make commands and set reminders and make notifications by voice command, and adds easy organisation into your life.

  • 300mAh battery that lasts well and powers the watch to keep up with your active lifestyle.

What can you do with the Samsung Galaxy Gear S SM-R750?

The Samsung Gear S is definitely a great for fitness tracking. The dashboard lays out all your data for the day, including steps taken, how many minutes have been exercised, recent heart rate and the hours slept that night. You can select different exercises that you are about to do and track with GPS your speed and laps and where you exercises has been the most intense. You can also program notifications to remind you to get up and walk around, or to drink water, and if you are needing a motivation boost then this watch will definitely give you just that. If you sit down for work for most of the day, or you are an avid exerciser, this watch is suited to everyone wanting to make some healthy changes.

However, this watch isn't just for fitness. If you are in need of some hands free practicality, and think you will benefit from having notifications, texts and calls on your wrist, then you will enjoy this watch - and are guaranteed to see some benefits. If your job means you can't pick up your phone, or you are on the go a lot and need a quick fix to see texts and set reminders and notifications, then the S-Voice and SMS text access on this watch adds organisation to your day.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Gear S still worth buying?

In a short answer - yes. The Galaxy Gear S SM-R750 is still worth buying. It helps you to set goals and enhance your fitness and lifestyle needs, whilst also acting as a practical hands free option that makes your life a lot easier. If you want the best quality, opt for a brand new model. If you are looking to save some money, still get great quality, and have more flexibility with price then opt for a second hand Galaxy Watch model. They come in a lot cheaper, and you can filter the product based on the condition and the price you want to pay - which makes it even easier to have the technology that you want, and if you choose pristine, or very good quality you will barely see a difference to if buying brand new. This is also a very environmentally friendly way of shopping.

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