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🥇 Buy New & Second Hand Apple Series 1 Watches

Buy a Refurbished Apple Watch Series 1 at Premium Quality

Apple Watch Series 1 features: 

The Apple Watch Series 1 is designed to up your game, motivate you, and act as the best accessory to enhance your lifestyle, and it is a great option for anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle and make it more healthy. Features include: 

  • Built in heart rate monitor, accelerometer for speed, gyroscope for direction, and a light sensor so it can be used day and night to suit any workout. 

  • IPSX7 rated splash proof - so you can take it out into the elements and not worry about rain and other potential water splashes. It can survive hand washings and accidental dunkings, so you can have more peace of mind from protecting it. 

  • A full colour OLED retina display with 272 x 340 pixels which gives bright and clear colours. 

  • Wifi connection with phone, so you can connect up your devices and check your progress. You can connect to your phone to get GPS tracking so you can track your distance and log your progress. 

  • The series 1 has handy Apple Pay which makes working out without your phone and wallet even easier. 

  • Onboard storage of 8GB so you can store songs to listen to while you are working out. 

  • A rechargeable lithium battery keeps the Apple watch going all day. 

  • The Apple watch series 1 has a dual core processor that gives fast performance and loads apps and data quickly, so you can spend more time improving your performance and less time waiting for your data to load. 

  • Compared to other smart watches, it has a thin and comfortable build made up of aluminium and silicone that feels light and won’t weigh you down. 

  • The watch has built in apps such as the Workout app which will measure heart rate continuously, as well as the Maps app which will give directions and the Health app which acts as a hub for health and fitness data downloading so you can get goals. 

  • Easy set up which only takes five minutes to connect to your iphone with bluetooth and wifi. 

  • Siri integration so you can get notifications, reminders, phone calls and running apps. 

What can I do with an Apple Watch Series 1? 

The Apple Watch 1 is still a great smartwatch, and is the ideal watch for someone who is looking for a first time watch to track their fitness and organise their life, but does not want to pay a lot of money for the latest model. If you have a friend or family member that is just getting into fitness or wants to make some healthier changes - then this is a great present for them. 

If you like outdoor activities and don’t like carrying around a bulky bag with your wallet and phone, the Apple pay feature on the Series 1, as well as notifications and calls, make it easy to leave your phone at home and focus on your workout. 

If you work in an office, the steps and heart rate monitor with notifications telling you when to move is a great motivator to help you improve your movement throughout the day. 

You can also set goals and share them with friends - so if you are looking to up the motivation and get competitive then a refurbished Series 1 is a fantastic option. 

Is buying a refurbished Apple Watch a good idea? 

Buying a refurbished Apple Watch is a great idea. Firstly, everyone knows Apple has high prices, and their smartwatches are no exception. If you want to enjoy the technology but the high prices put you off,then opting for an refurb Apple watch will save you a lot of money. Furthermore, seeing as reconditioned watches come in a range of conditions, you can filter them based on the price you want - so you have more flexibility and pay the price that you are most comfortable paying. This is especially great if you consider how much Apple constantly releases new products - as there is no point in buying a brand new watch if you think you may upgrade it a year later anyway. 

It is also a lot more friendly for the environment if you opt for a pre- loved and cheap Apple Watch over a brand new one, as it is reducing the amount that will end up in landfill or being thrown away too early when they are in perfectly good use. Finally, if you are worried about the product being faulty - if you buy from a reputable company, it will come with warranty, so you will feel like you are getting a brand new item anyway. 

Why you should buy from The Big Phone Store… 

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