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ᐅ Buy Refurbished & Renewed Apple Sport Series Watch

Buy Brand New and Refurbished Apple Watch Sport 1st Generation at the cheapest price!

Features of the Apple Watch Sport 1st Generation?

  • Coming in a range of sizes from 38mm to 42mm, this watch feels comfortable on the wrist and has straps that can be interchanged so you can find the strap that works for you.

  • Finishes include silver, space grey, rose gold and gold, in a smooth and sleek aluminium that feels great on the wrist and looks premium.

  • Ion - X strengthened glass on the display looks great and also provides protection from daily wear and tear such as scratches and bumps, and prolongs the quality of your watch.

  • A OLED retina HD display with Force Touch that gives off sharp and clear colours that are easy to view and appear bright, so that whatever you are viewing looks great.

  • IPX7 water resistant - so it can last for 30 minutes in up to 1 metre of water - which is great for shielding against the rain for outdoor exercise, and for accidental splashes from hand washing, or drops.

  • This Apple Watch connects to your phone to sync up the time, notifications, contacts, alerts and schedule so that you never miss a thing again.

  • For health and fitness tracking this Apple Watch sport is fantastic. It has a heart rate monitor and measure all the different exercises and movements that you do throughout the day. The activity app then syncs together all your data and allows you to set goals and see where your progress is going, so you can review your progress for the day, week and month.

  • With this Apple Watch Sport you can easily send and receive messages without even needing to pick up your phone, as well as sketch drawings or send family members or friends or loved ones a recording of your heart beat. With notification and schedule alerts you never have to miss a thing again, and with voice commands you can set reminders and answer calls all from your wrist in one easy and accessible place.

  • Great lasting battery size of 250mAh, with wireless charging that is easy to use. Simply lay the watch on a wireless charger, and you will be back to using its fantastic features in no time.

What can a 1st Generation Apple Watch Sport do?

This Apple Watch is not just a fitness tracker - it provides great organisational benefits for anyone that is looking to get a hands free solution to picking up their phone during a busy day. Accept phone calls and reply to messages, set reminders and see your schedule all on your wrist - so whether you are in the gym, working in the office, on the go or on public transport, you can have everything you need and can stay connected wherever you go. The Apple watch also has some other fantastic features such as hear rate recording that you can send to family members and loved ones.

For easy to understand and standard fitness tracking and heart health monitoring, this watch is equally great, especially if you don't want extreme tracking and just want something standard that does the job. You can see which parts of the exercise were in the fat burn zone, and see how many steps you walked that day, and also set goals for next time. This is great if you sit in an office for work or sit down a lot in the day and you are wanting to move around more and keep yourself motivated.

Is the Apple Watch Sport 1st Generation still worth it?

To put it simply, the Apple Watch Sport 1st Generation is still a great smartwatch, and if you are looking for a fitness tracker that looks great, won't break the bank, and will be a great accessory to any lifestyle then look no further than this Apple Watch Series Sport 1st Generation. It allows you to keep notifications at a glance on your wrist, keep up with family and friends, and also track your health and fitness, and it looks fantastic whilst doing it all.

If you are wanting that brand new feeling and ultimate luxury quality, then opt for brand new and make it a great investment. If you want to save money, still get great quality and get all the benefits, opt for a refurbished Apple watch that has been pre loved. If you choose a refurbished Apple Watch that is in pristine or nearly new condition, you will still feel like you are getting it brand new - but you will see considerable savings. Choosing an Apple watch that is used and reconditioned is also a great way to make a more environmentally friendly purchase, which is another great bonus!

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