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A little bit of history on LG…

LG Electronics Inc. is a well-known multinational electronics company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. They released their first mobile in 2007 and since then they have been innovating on their mobiles releasing the G Flex in 2013, the first curved smartphone. Since then they have specialised in Mid-range phones for an affordable price. 

How much do LG phones cost?

Refurbished LG mobiles come in a range of prices, from the LG K4 averaging at around £35 up to the refurbished LG V30 Plus which still only comes to just over £100. The price of the phone is all dependent on the specs that you want or need within your phone. There is a phone from LG that will suit any budget to give you the best specs for your money. 

What is the best LG phone 2019?

Like all smartphone manufacturers, LG are always releasing new phones to improve on their last generation. However, the latest and greatest are not always the best for every customer. Many consumers don’t need the best phone of the year, because there are probably recent phones that will still do what they need without breaking the bank. A refurbished LG is usually the best way to get the best specs for your money. 

Is an LG phone better than a Samsung?

This is very subjective on the wants and needs of each customer. Many people are very brand loyal when it comes to technology. However for those who aren’t loyal to a specific brand of mobiles would be best to look at a phone that will give them the specs that they’re looking for in a phone. A refurbished LG may be the best phone for you. 

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