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ᐅ Buy Refurbished/Renovated HTC Mozart 7

Why Buy a Refurbished HTC Mozart 7 Phone?

The refurbished HTC Mozart 7 is a sleek, good looking smartphone. Similar to some Apple products it has an aluminium chassis made from a single piece of metal, making it feel robust.

The refurbished HTC Mozart 7 is quick, with its 1GHz Snapdragon processor if offers a budget choice to those who enjoy gaming with its good graphics for HD gaming. It has an excellent 3.7” screen, well suited to viewing web pages and other content. The on-screen keyboard is responsive and it boasts a good quality 8MP camera.

With its 8GB memory, xenon flash (great for taking pics in the dark!), brilliant music store and great Windows Phone 7 operating system, it’s a good all rounder in the realm of HTC and second-hand HTC phones.

Check out what we have in stock for a cheap, budget option, refurbished HTC Mozart 7. All second-hand and pre-owned phones sold by The Big Phone Store have been fully tested and are in perfect working order. Have a look at our grading system as to the conditions of the phones we sell.

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