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ᐅ Refurbished HTC Phones - Great Prices!

The Big Phone Store offers a variety of refurbished HTC mobile phones. They are pre-owned or second-hand HTC phones that have been fully refurbished, have gone through our thorough testing system, repaired and cleaned before we make the phones available for sale.

Refurbished phones are a convenient and cheap way to purchase the phone you would like at a reduced price, whilst not compromising on quality.

Which Is the Best Refurbished HTC Phone?

At The Big Phone Store, we have several HTC phones available to purchase. Depending on your requirements, we stock a variety of models for you to choose from that can cater to your personal needs, many of which are cheap, yet reliable options.

Our HTC phones come in varying storage size and networks. Phones that are unlocked can be used with any mobile network in the UK, whilst phones that are locked to a specific network such as EE, Vodafone or O2 can only be used with a SIM from that network. This information can be found in the product listing so please check before purchasing. Why not browse our selection and see what catches your eye!

What do the Refurbished Grades Mean?

 Choose the best phone for you by using The Big Phone Store’s refurbished grades system.

Refurbished grades allow you to select the cosmetic condition of the phone before purchasing. The grades we offer range from Fair to Pristine.

A phone in Fair condition will show heavy signs of use and it may have cracks and dents or even screen burn that you can see. However, a phone in Pristine condition will have minimal to no signs of use and will look like a Brand-New phone.

These grades are priced differently and a phone described as Fair will be much more affordable than a phone in Pristine condition.

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