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Are Google Pixel Phones Good?

Whilst the Google Pixel range of smart phones are fairly new, they have been massively popular among android technology lovers, and are a testament to Google's great technology knowledge and design. Google Pixel phones are fantastic, and are especially well known for their camera and screen quality, and their unique designs which stand out against competitors. The Google Pixel paved the way for the highly successful following models, and as a phone it hits all the bases.

What are the features of the Google Pixel?

  • The Google Pixel looks as good as it operates. It has a sleek aluminium body with a bottom speaker and rear an front camera, and comes in a colour range of grey, blue and silver. The glass back panel and aluminium offer a premium look and feel.

  • 5 inch AMOLED display with 441 pixels per inch and 1080x1920 resolution to offer bright, crisp and sharp colours from any angle.

  • The Google Pixel has a fantastic camera. It boasts a 12.3MP rear camera with laser autofocus and an 8MP front camera which is ideal for taking high quality selfies. It also has as a dual LED flash and 4K video capabilities, and auto image stabilization which produce smooth photos and videos.

  • Snapdragon 821 processor and the latest Android technology that offer smooth and fast performance without lagging and freezing so you can use your phone all day and not worry about it slowing down.

  • A 2770mAh battery which supports fast charging, and battery management features which make it easy to make your phone battery work for you and last all day.

  • Google Assistant makes this phone the perfect accessory to a busy lifestyle. Hold down the home button or say 'Okay Google,' and Google Assistant will respond to commands, questions, make phone calls, set reminders and much more to ideally help organise your life and make it a lot easier.

  • A rear finger print sensor makes it easier and more secure than ever to access your phone, simply hold it and press the sensor with your finger, or wave your hand over the phone.

  • Bottom facing speakers that offer great sound quality so you can watch and listen to the videos, films and music you love in great quality.

  • Google Photos with unlimited photo storage.

What can you do with the Google Pixel?

The main attraction of the Google Pixel is the camera. Google phones are known for having great cameras, and the original Pixel takes great pictures. In low light and daytime, you can achieve crisp photos that have great depth, and the added benefit of unlimited Google Photos storage means you can snap away as much as you want and not worry about your photo storage filling up.

The Google Assistant feature teamed with easy fingerprint access make the Google Pixel a great work phone or second phone. The HD screen is excellent for viewing files and documents, and the easy shortcut setting feature means you quickly and easily access your most used apps such as messages, emails and documents to make working a lot easier.

The Snapdragon 821 and 4GB of RAM give this phone quick performance, which make it fantastic for gaming, and teamed with the vibrant display and bottom speaker, your best loved games will look better than ever, and this phone will definitely take your game to the next level.

Why it is better to buy a Google Pixel refurbished and not brand new...

Do yourself a favor and start saving yourself money by switching to buying second hand and professionally reconditioned and refurbished technology for a fraction of the price. Many people think used phones equals poor quality, but when buying from a reputable company, you are buying a product that has been restored and checked to the best quality it can be, and you can filter the product based on the price you are willing to pay. This means you are saving money and getting what you pay for. Many refurbished google phones come in a pristine condition, so you will still get that brand new phone feeling anyway. Furthermore, buying refurbished is a fantastic way to make a more environmentally friendly and sustainable choice as well!

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