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ᐅ Buy Refurbished Macbooks at the Best Price

What is a refurbished MacBook?

An Apple MacBook is a MacBook that has been used before but has been restored to working condition. It may show signs of previous use but will work exactly the same as a brand new MacBook would. All of our MacBooks are expertly refurbished and rigorously tested before being sold to ensure they work as intended.

The best part? You can get them at a fraction of the price that you'd be paying for a brand new one!

What is the best refurbished MacBook to buy?

In short, it's up to you! We list a variety of MacBooks including a collection of refurbished MacBook Air and refurbished Apple MacBook Pro. While the Pro version puts an emphasis on performance, this does come with a higher price. The MacBook Air on the other hand is one of the most portable laptops available, and perfect for anyone who wants a MacBook Air that they can take anywhere and everywhere with them!

We highly recommend considering what you'll be using your MacBook for before considering purchasing, as there are a few different things you need to consider when it comes to choosing, including:

  • Year of release

  • Storage

  • Processor

  • Screen size

  • Condition

Year of Release and Processor

The year of release, along with the processor will determine how well the MacBook will perform. If you're looking to put your MacBook under a lot of strain by rendering videos or running other strenuous software, we highly recommend investing that extra bit of money to get an Apple MacBook Pro that can handle it!

Screen Size and Condition

The screen size and condition are primarily down to your personal preference. The screen size of our MacBooks is measured from corner to corner, diagonally across. The condition will only ever affect the cosmetic condition of the device and has absolutely no bearing on how your MacBook will work. We have 4 different conditions:

  • Like New - Your device will look exactly the same as a brand new one would, it just won't arrive in the original packaging

  • Pristine - An extremely well looked after device that has no marks or scratches that are visible from 30cm away

  • Very Good - A well looked after device that will show light signs of use, including marks and scratches

  • Good - An ideal condition for someone who just wants a functional device at a great price. Will show moderate signs of use including scratches, chips and dents.


The storage size is the final piece of the puzzle! While it again comes down to personal preference, this will affect the way in which the device will work. The higher the storage, the more space you will have on your refurbished MacBook to store your media, software and even games. Don't be alarmed though, if you can't find storage that is suitable for you, you can always use Apple's iCloud storage, or even an external hard drive to make up for any shortcomings your MacBook may have!

Still not sure which one to buy?

If you're still unsure, then we'd highly recommend that you contact us and speak to one of our personalized shopping assistants. They'll be able to make note of all the different requirements you may need for your Apple MacBook, and recommend a device accordingly.

Buying refurbished products can be a bit of a minefield if it's your first time. Whether it's an Apple MacBook Air, or an Apple MacBook Pro that you're looking for, we're here to help you save money with our latest deals.

Should I buy a new or refurbished Apple MacBook?

We'd highly recommend considering the cheaper and more sustainable option - refurbished! When you buy a brand new product, people are very quick to forget the amount of work (and CO2) that goes into the manufacturing and shipping of it.

Buying refurbished allows you to cut out both of these stages that cause the most damage to the environment and add a hefty price tag to whatever you buy. Electronic waste is a rising problem that is only getting worse. With each new generation of MacBooks being released, the previous generation, which all work perfectly fine, become obsolete and are sent to landfills.

How long will a refurbished Apple MacBook last?

For as long as a brand new one would! With the testing process that all of our MacBooks go through, as well as being expertly refurbished, you can rest assured knowing that your MacBook won't be dying on you any time soon.

To show just how much we trust our products, every Apple MacBook we sell comes with a free, 12 month warranty. This 12 month warranty covers you from any manufacturer faults and allows you to send it back to us (at no cost to yourself) for either a repair or replacement.

If you are using your Apple MacBook for strenuous tasks, then consider paying extra for a more powerful, and more recent model. While the hardware inside of your MacBook won't change, the software that you use on your MacBook will with each update and as a result, its load on your laptop could increase. Purchasing an Apple MacBook Pro can also help with this, as they are built with performance in mind.

How to buy a refurbished Apple MacBook

First, you should select which category you want to view. Whether it's our collection of Apple MacBook Pro, Apple MacBook Air, or all of our Apple MacBooks. After this, you'll be able to view our collection of products.

Once you've found one that you like, add it to your basket and proceed to checkout. From here, you can pay by either using Klarna, PayPal, and PayPal Credit. Klarna and PayPal Credit both offers finance payment options, allowing you spread your payments across a set period, rather than paying it all up front.

Where to buy a refurbished Apple MacBook

Luckily for you, you've found a company that has been around for 22 years, has fantastic customer service and has some of the most competitive prices you'll be able to find online!

Here at The Big Phone Store, customers are our number one priority. Our UK based customer service team are happy to answer any questions, queries or issues that you may have when deciding to buy an Apple MacBook.

It doesn't stop there either! We have a wide variety of Apple products, ranging from our collection of Refurbished Mac Mini, and refurbished iMac.

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