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Cookie Policy

We want to make sure that our website looks appealing and is simple to use. To help us to do this our website uses cookies. A cookie is a piece of data stored on your computer that acts as an identifier when you visit the site again. Put simply, a link is made between you and the information you have provided to our website and that link is stored in our cookie. This allows us to recognise that you are making a repeat visit to our site and also allows us to reactivate the preferences of your previous visit(s).

The Big Phone Store also uses cookies to help us assess how our customers use our website and how we can improve it. Using such cookies gives us the information we need to evaluate whether our website meets the needs of our customers.

We also use cookies for behavioural targeting. This allows us to collect information about the way our customers actually use our website and helps us to ensure that any advertising they see is relevant and useful.

Cookies do not store financial information or information which could be used to identify you personally.
The majority of web browsers automatically accept cookies but can be altered not to do so. Some of the cookies we use, however, improve the browsing experience and the functionality of our website. So, if you choose to disable cookies on your browser, you might find that you can't access some parts of our website or that certain parts don't function in the way that you might expect them to.

The Big Phone Store  classifies our cookies according to the International Chamber of Commerce’s cookie categories:

Category 1 - Strictly Necessary Cookies
These cookies are necessary for the primary function of the website. Category 1 cookies store information like the contents of your basket so that they are not lost whilst navigating the site.

Category 2 - Performance Cookies
Performance cookies collect anonymous data on how visitors use our website. This information allow us to make improvements to our site and to ensure that it functions according to our user’s preferences.

Category 3 - Functionality Cookies
Allow the website to present data to our visitors based on their own search history. This customises the searcher’s browsing experience and ensures that presented content is relevant. An example of the Functionality Cookie is remembering whether a visitor wants prices to be shown with or without VAT or in sterling or Euros.

Category 4 - Advertising Cookies
Advertising cookies are used to present products based on what you may have looked at before. Advertising based on previous visits is only presented from carefully selected advertising partners and networks.

The Big Phone Store Web Site works most effectively when all of our cookies are enabled. You can, however, switch cookies off via your own browser. In doing so you will disable all advertising and social media content but you will also limit your browsing capacity. Switching cookies off will also prevent you from being able to login, register an account or make a purchase from our website.

We are required by law to provide clear and comprehensive information about the cookies we use. If any of the above information is unclear, or does not answer all of your questions about our use of cookies, then please get in touch with us.