Jivi JVX3I - Black - Unlocked - Brand New

12 Month Warranty on this product Jivi JVX3I - Black - Unlocked - Brand New View larger


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Brand New - This JVX3I will come unused and in full retail packaging, exactly as you would expect when purchasing on the high street.
  • Facebook access
  • Exceptional call quality and automatic call recording
  • Unlocked dual sim

12 Month Warranty on this product
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The Jivi x3i is a cheap mobile phone that delivers in all the right places. It provides access to Facebook, has a vibrant colour screen, stellar battery life, exceptional call quality and its ability to operate two sim cards simultaneously make it one of the best handsets in its price bracket.

Automatic Call Recording
However, there is more to this handset than initially meets the eye! In addition to the above, the Jivi x3i also has automatic call recording. This allows you to record both sides of a conversation and transfer it to your PC or laptop for use at a later date! To our knowledge, this is the only handset in the world to offer such functionality straight out of the box and has the potential to be used in a multitude of different ways. Your imagination is the only barrier!

Unlocked Dual Sim
All of our Jivi x3i's are sim free quadband devices, so they can be used on ANY Network, except the 3 (they are not 3G Phones)in the UK or abroad that operate on the GSM frequencies. That means all you need to do is pop your sim card(s) into the handset and you are ready to go. No hassle, no fuss.

ConditionBrand New

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