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Cheap iPhones for sale at The Big Phone Store!

Looking for great deals and really cheap iPhones? Want an expensive iPhone, but can't afford it? Well our online store is definitely the place to be. We've got iPhone deals on a range of Apple's most sought-after handsets. And with free delivery over £30 and a 12-month warranty on most of our affordable iPhones, place your order and save money today.

The Big Phone Store has been an industry leader for over 20 years. Our team has decades of combined experience and knows everything there is to know about cheap iPhone deals. Whether you're after the most recent iPhone model (like the iPhone 12) or cheaper alternatives (e.g. the iPhone 7 or the iPhone SE), we've got the deals you've been looking for. So use our online store and get yourself the right iPhone at the right price right now.

A cheap iPhone is still a great iPhone

Cheap doesn't mean poor quality at The Big Phone Store. All our affordable used phones are in 'perfect working order'. This is different from most 'second hand' devices. Our cheap phones are basically used handsets with a difference. The difference being that they've been fully checked, tested and cleaned before resale. Our expert team put each iPhone through a rigorous process - so when we say it's in 'perfect working order', we really mean it!

The cheap iPhones for sale in our online store range from a device in 'pristine' condition to those with external imperfections (including scratches, scuffs and dents to the screen and / or casing). The price always reflects the condition of the device you're looking to buy. So if you want super cheap iPhones, look for handsets in 'fair' condition - if you're after a device that's 'like new', opt for the best iPhone deals in 'pristine' condition.

The Big Phone Store is never beaten on price. We check deals and offers in our online store throughout the day to ensure you're always getting iPhones for cheap prices. And with our Price Match Promise, you're able to take complete control of buying the latest iPhone. So if you find a better 'like for like' offer for any handset you want, we'll not only match it - we'll also give you a free gift worth up to £50 just for telling us about the deal and still choosing our online store.

We know you want to buy cheap iPhones from a trusted retailer - and that's exactly what The Big Phone Store is. We've got hundreds of 5* reviews on Trustpilot (an 'excellent' rating) and Google, featured on award-winning consumer website Money Saving Expert and been seen in national newspapers including The Daily Mirror. This all means that you can use our online store with complete confidence - so buy your iPhone for an unbeatable price today!

What are the best cheap iPhones to buy?

This all depends on your budget and what your iPhone preferences are. If you want one of their more recently released devices (e.g. the iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / 12) you're still looking at quite a high price. But if you're willing to compromise and buy a slightly 'older' handset like the iPhone 8 or the iPhone SE (2020), it's very easy to get a great iPhone cheaply in our online store.

What is a cheap, but good iPhone?

We think the best compromise between affordability, quality and great specs is the iPhone SE (2020). Apple re-released the SE in 2020 with a return to the iconic 'Home' button, a Retina IPS LCD Display and an impressive 12 Megapixel Camera capable of recording video in stunning 2160p. But these great specs don't come at a high price, making it the perfect iPhone for those wanting quality on a budget.

Our great value iPhone SE (2020) handsets ensure that you'll make even more of saving than buying 'new', but still get the same superb features and iconic Apple design.

How can I get a cheap iPhone?

Getting a cheap iPhone is very easy in our online store. We have a superb range of affordable devices to suit every budget. Below, we'll take you through how to find the best iPhone for you - as well as discuss our excellent warranty options and how straightforward it is to get your new handset delivered.

Cheap unlocked iPhones

The first thing to consider when buying a cheap iPhone is whether or not you want it to be 'unlocked'. 'Unlocked' devices are basically those that are free to connect to a network provider of your choosing - perfect for anyone needing to change handsets mid-contract and stay with the same provider.

So cheap iPhones for sale ('unlocked' or 'locked') is the first thing you need to consider. 'Unlocked' iPhones are usually a little more money than 'locked' ones. But you're then free to choose your network provider - so it might well be worth it!

Condition categories

You'll also need to think about the 'condition' of your cheap iPhone. For example, are you looking for a device that's 'like new' - or are you happy to compromise by having a few external imperfections and a lower handset price? At The Big Phone Store, we want to be completely transparent with how we classify the 'condition' of all our cheap iPhones. So here are the four categories we use, as well as a description to help you work out which iPhone to buy:

  • Pristine: Perfect working order. Basically a premium phone with no visible signs of use. As good as a 'new' handset.

  • Very Good: Has only light signs of use. Fully tested and found to be in perfect working order.

  • Good: Used and moderate signs of use. Fully tested and found to be in perfect working order.

  • Fair: Fully tested and found to be in perfect working order. May have scratches or cracks on the housing and / or screen. May also have screen burn that leaves a residual image on the device's display.

We never sell an iPhone that isn't in perfect working order. Differences between our varying 'condition' classifications are largely down to the external state of the device and our prices will always reflect its 'condition' status. For more information about we classify the 'condition' of our mobile phones - as well as further details about our services - please see our Terms & Conditions.


All our cheap iPhones come with 'return to base' warranty. This basically covers the parts against failure and allows you to return your iPhone to us for repairs or replacements. If we cannot fix your device, you'll receive store credit up to the value of what you originally paid.

Unless your iPhone is in 'fair' condition, you'll enjoy a 12-month warranty - giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to your handset. For all devices in 'fair' condition, it's a 3-month warranty. Our warranty lengths are very competitive and offered to allow you to buy your iPhone with complete confidence. You can find out more about our warranty policies, as well as further information about differences between 12- and 3-month warranties, by visiting here.


Every order over £30 placed in our online store comes with an option for free delivery. We use Royal Mail and your iPhone will arrive within 3-5 working days of placing your order. But if you want your iPhone more quickly, choose express delivery in the checkout. There is a cost involved, but it guarantees that your phone will arrive the next working day - as long as you place your order before 3pm (on a working day). And if you live close to our store in Wolverhampton, you can also select our collection option and pick up your iPhone from us for free.

You can find out more about our deliveries, delivery charges for express delivery and the address of our Wolverhampton store by visiting here.

Why buy cheap Apple iPhones from The Big Phone Store?

The Big Phone Store is the place to be for cheap iPhones. If you have any questions or want to speak to our friendly team about your cheap iPhone choices, contact us in one of the following ways:

  • Call 0800 888 6497.

  • Direct message us via our Facebook page.

  • Use the chat function on our website (click the icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen).

And here's why you should buy your cheap iPhone from The Big Phone Store:

Great prices! You won't find a better price for any iPhone than you do in our online store. And we'll match any better 'like for like' offer you find.

Great service! A great range of cheap iPhones. 12-month warranties on many of your favourite handsets. Free delivery on orders over £30. You'll love the iPhone deals in our online store and how easy our service is to use.

Great customer care! No question is too much for our helpful team and they'll always be happy to help with any aspect of buying a cheap iPhone. So get in touch if you need us.

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